Deployment of direct parking server

Direct domain parking is an optional AlterCPA tool. It allows you to park the domain directly to the stream, smart link or cloaking tool. With this type of parking, there are no redirects to a third-party domain, all content is displayed on the source domain, regardless of where the smartlink leads. The presence of this tool does not affect the classic domain parking to the site repository, its deployment is optional.

Technical requirements

You will need an additional virtual server to implement direct parking. A server with the minimum characteristics available from your provider is suitable. As usual, these are 1-2 virtual processors, 500-1000 MB of RAM, 5-10 GB of HDD space. The direct parking server does not have a significant load on the RAM and the processor. The main load falls on the network, so choose a tariff without strict traffic limits. Servers like this can be found in the "Promo" section of your provider.

  • OS: Debian 11 without control panel
  • Processor: minimal - 1 virtual processor, recommended - 2
  • RAM: minumal - 500 МБ, recommended - 1 GB
  • HDD: minimal - 5 GB, recommended - 10 GB and more

Setting up server

The setup must be done after the main platform is deployed and configured. In the "Control" section, the "Sites" subsection, copy the key from the "Direct Domain Parking" block, it will be required for deployment.

Connect to the server via SSH as root and run the command like this:

bash yourparkingkey

Where use your main platform domain instead of and the parking key from control section instead of yourparkingkey. Like:

bash 26r2vb2k7d9mwxklnm1wc6vkck1wof6i

The installation process is automatic, it will take a couple of minutes. At the end of the installation process, the server is ready for operation. Login and password for accessing the server via FTP will be specified in the /root/config.txt file.

Enable direct parking

In the "Control" section, the "Sites" subsection, of your platform, enable parking in the "Direct domain parking" block. Enter the IP address of the server you configured in the IP address field of this block.

Parking server settings

The configuration of the parking server is configured in the /var/www/core/config.php file. You can change:

  • ACPAURL - your platform main domain
  • ACPAKEY - direct domain parking key
  • ACPASSL - use encrypted connection to the parking server