Frequently asked questions

You will still ask them personally, we know. Nobody likes to read the FAQ.

Can I use AlterCPA for …?

Shortly: yes, you can! More details we told here.


Maybe I wont read? Will you do everything for me?

Yes, we have project support services, you can check it out.


How long does it take to set things up?

The network startup process takes less than half an hour. But there is a nuance. Before launching, you need to purchase a domain and a server. Domain activation takes from an hour to a day. Therefore, the real start time is a couple of hours.


Can I spread traffic from one offer to different affiliate networks?

Yes, you can distribute traffic between different companies taking into account geo, source, time of day, day of the week, Moon phases and limits.


Can I make a referral program in my affiliate network?

Technically yes, but we do not recommend using this method of calling in new users. It is better to invest in advertising once than constantly pay referrals.


Is it possible to change the design of the system?

Yes, design tools are built into the system. But their application requires a good knowledge of HTML and CSS. We recommend that you limit yourself to choosing a color scheme and replacing the main page with your corporate landing page.


Is it possible to modify the system yourself?

Yes, tools for creating your own hacks (modules) are built into the system. But their application requires good knowledge of PHP. We recommend delving into the settings of the platform itself, perhaps all the necessary functionality is already present.


Do you have integrations with ad network analytics systems?

Yes, you can use Facebook tracking pixels (client and server, with a choice of conversion events), VK, MailTarget and TikTok. Available analytics systems: Google Analytics or TagManager, Yandex.Metrica. There is an insertion of arbitrary code into sites.


Is there access to the source code?

No, the system code is encrypted, access to the source code is not provided.


Can I create my own smartlinks?

Yes, we call this tool TDS.


Why so expensive?!

You haven't seen the price tag for technical support yet ... You can save on licenses by using cloud version.


And why so cheap?

We were able to reduce the cost by separating licensing and technical support.