AlterCPA One

Junk traffic filter

Traffic filtering service for advertising campaigns separates bots from live visitors and protects the target site from unwanted visits.

AlterCPA One

Cloud filtering of your traffic

Protecting your advertising campaigns and sites from bots, spam and unwanted visits.

Bot protection

We detect bots by behavior and hardware, and hide your target site from them.

Spam protection

We use up-to-date blacklists of spammers from reliable providers and services.


You can share special blacklists with your team. Contact us to create it.

Transparent filter

Hide your target site and dummy on a secured domain with AlterCPA White.

All-purpose API

Check any visits, visitors and orders inside your application using our API.

No clouds needed

Don't want to depend on us and show your traffic? Buy AlterCPA Pro, filters included!

What is it and how does it work?

We filter visits to your target sites and catch spammers, search and social bots or other unwanted persons using smart blacklists.

  1. Add your site.
    This site will host your traffic filter and handle requests.
  2. Set your links
    A target site and a suitable dummy for spammers and bots.
  3. Copy the filtering URL.
    Or use other code setup methods like iframe, proxy or API-files.
  4. Enjoy your site protection!
    The visits will be distributed between the target site and the dummy.

How to purchase AlterCPA One

Licenses differ in terms of work and campaigns number, there are no traffic restrictions.


1 filter campaign
Pay per 1 month




15 filter campaigns
Pay per 1 month




100 filter campaigns
Pay per 1 month