Advanced settings

System management, setting up large sections, referral, bonuses, traffic filters.

Traffic filtering

Inside AlterCPA Pro has a built-in traffic filter. It allows you to run a simple and fast filtering service for affiliates, running on the basis of black lists. To start working with filters, you need to pre-configure.

Referral program

The built-in referral program allows you to encourage users for attracting new users. The program works on the Revenue Share model.

Bonus program

Users can receive bonuses for the traffic they attracted and spend them through the internal store of your affiliate network.

User roles and auths

Within AlterCPA, you cannot use flexible settings for user access rights due to the close interconnection of components. You only have a limited number of roles for users in the system.

Offer status models

Offer status models are determined by the internal statuses of orders from CRM will be casted under the processing of the lead from the point of view of the affiliate. The model is selected for the entire offer and does not change for the goals or recipient's company.

Prices, goods and sets

Setting up prices, nested products and their sets for offers that work with the order amount: product offers, nutra, services, payments.

Offer parameters

Parameters can be used to change the behavior of an offer or fine-tune how it works. Their main task is to implement integration with third-party networks, but they have many useful applications hidden from prying eyes.

Blocking lead duplicates

Duplicate incoming leads can be rejected automatically. By default, catching duplicates is disabled, you need to activate it in the advanced system settings and choose the optimal work model for you.