So you have deployed the software part of your CPA network and ready to go. So, what to do next:

  1. Add the supplier or partner you plan to work with. You need to add at least one supplier to whom all incoming leads will be sent
  2. Add offers and merchandise with which you plan to work, enter their rates and charges, download landing pages and pre-landings.
  3. Create an Agency if you plan to receive traffic from third-party providers.
  4. If you plan to transfer your traffic to third-party companies, read the instructions for integration with other networks.
  5. If you plan to accept orders from other suppliers in your call center, please review the instructions for setting up a call center.

Requirements for the start are as follows:

  • At least one supplier company
  • At least one offer (in case of product offer with prise indication)
  • At least one landing page for this offer
  • At least one payout from this offer

If you meet all the requirements, you are ready to start!