So, you have deployed the technical part of your project: an affiliate network, an arbitrage platform, an advertiser's CRM, and are already rushing into battle. You only need to take a few steps to start working with traffic.

Haven't installed yet?

Use these manuals to install and prepare the platform:

Minimum quick start kit

To get started, you must have:

  • At least one offer to work with. An offer is the highest entity in the system, everything is linked to it.
  • At least one site per offer: physical landing or virtual site for tracking link.
  • At least one commission in the offer: we need to somehow pay for traffic, which we get.
  • At least one company: advertiser, affiliate network, CRM, call center. It will receive incoming leads.
  • At least one webmaster or agency: even you - the administrator has a full set of tools for working with traffic.

If all these requirements are met, congratulations - the start is given!

Step 1. Creating a company

Leads need to go somewhere. The recipient of leads in our system is called "Company". Usually it corresponds to an advertiser, affiliate network, CRM system or call center. The process is described in "How to add a company".

Step 2. Creating an offer

An offer is the highest entity in the system that contains all the information about how to work with traffic: prices, commissions, landings, prelandings, advertising materials, products and product sets, traffic distribution settings.

The process is described in "How to add an offer". After adding, we have the first offer and its standard commission.

Step 3. Creating a site

The site is an important intermediate link for getting traffic. It can be either a full-fledged landing in the system storage, or a virtual redirect site, which is responsible for redirecting the visitor to the tracking link. Even if you plan to receive traffic only via API, it is recommended to create at least a dummy site.

Step 4. Traffic sources

Traffic does not appear out of nowhere, as much as we would like it to. Traffic always has a source. To work with simple affiliates, you can open registration on the site through the main settings or add a user manually in the "People" section. To work with third party networks or arbitration teams, create "Agency".

Recommendations for starting networks

We have compiled useful recommendations for launching the network in different verticals: