The built-in referral program allows you to encourage users for attracting new users. The program works on the Revenue Share model.

Access settings

You can open access to the referral program globally or provide it to individual users.

To make a referral program globally accessible, go to "Control - Settings - Basic" section and check "Enable a referral program from all".

If this checkbox is removed, you can activate the referral program for each user separately. To do this, in the "Control - People" section, find the user and click Edit. Check the "Referral program is always active for the user."

Flexible commission setting

The referral commissions are configured as part of the offer payments. Specify the necessary fixed amount and percentage of the order price in the commission settings.

Simple commission setting

You can use the simplified mechanism for calculating referral commissions. With its help, commissions are calculated as a percentage of the amount of the affiliate commissions and the profits of the affiliate network.

In the "Control - Settings - Basic" section, check the "Use simple calculation algorithm" checkbox and specify percent of the affiliate commission and the network profit. When this mechanism is turned on, flexible referral commissions are ignored.

User commission settings

You can give individual commissions for the user on a simplified scheme. To do this, open the user settings in the People section and check the "Use special commission settings for this user" checkbox.

Setting commissions inside the offer

Using the offer parameters, you can set specific commissions to the entire offer and for a specific user.

You can use this parameters:

  • ref-cash - percent of the affiliate commission
  • ref-profit - percent of the network profit
  • ref-cashXXX - percent of the affiliate commission for the user with XXX ID
  • ref-profitXXX - percent of the network profit for the user with XXX ID

Commissions priority

Reference commissions are calculated in the following priority:

  1. User specific commissions inside the offer.
  2. User specific commissions.
  3. Offer specific commissions.
  4. Global commissions
  5. Flexible commission of the offer