AlterCPA Professional

Powerful affiliate network platform for all-purpose CPA-networks.

AlterCPA script allows you to deploy your affiliate network quickly, simply and professionally. You will get advanced statistics and analytics of advertising campaigns for webmasters, internal call center for suppliers, analysis of calls and sales, integration with other affilate networks.

AlterCPA Professional

Build your affiliate network

Implement customized case studies for creating affiliate networks or come up with your own innovative approach.

Product networks

Classic sales of
goods with delivery

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Courses, webinars, trainings,
electronic goods

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Financial market

Forex, deposits,
rates, gambling

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Affilate teams

Aggregator and tracker
for the affiliate team

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Dont know where to start?

We have prepared some detailed instructions for you on how to create your own affiliate network based on AlterCPA Pro script in a few simple steps.

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What AlterVision CPA Professional can do?

High performance, detailed statistics, split tests, easy integration with other networks, traffic aggregation, own call center, delivery monitoring, automated copying of supplier sites, reliable tech support.

On-the-fly traffic analysis

Detailed statistics reflect the
ads success as well as
sessions data, while
automatically analysing traffic
from any ad networks.

Internal call center

Powerful interface of the call center
for calling orders, packing,
sending and delivery of goods.
Take full control over your
company through the platform.

Finance and analytics

Business in the palm of your hand!
Analyze the success of
offers, affiliates,
and merchants. Watch your
income in real time.

You'd better see it with your own eyes!
Check out our platform on our demo-site.

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