CPA-networks support services

We offer one-time support and monthly service packages

One time

One-time technical support for any type of tasks

from $15

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Package of consultations, integration, monitoring

from $250

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The package includes work with offers and websites

from $700

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We can offer you additional technical support services:

  • One-time support - specialist help for technical issues, from $15 per hour.
  • Basic support package - consultations during working hours, "error protection", integration with CRM, platform update, server monitoring. $250-600 per month.
  • Standard support package - all the basic package plus support of offers and landing sites. From $700 per month.

All prices are in United States dollars, services are provided by prepayment. You can specify the payment methods and details by contacting us.

One-time support

Developer help on technical issues will cost you from $15 in one hour depending on difficulty. The final price can be floating and depends on many factors, but not less than $15 per one support session.

Popular services and prices

  • I just ask: from $15 per question
  • Simple integration with affiliate network or CRM: $15
  • Complex integration with an affiliate network or CRM: from $30 (sometimes it may be impossible)
  • Standard API offer setup: from $4 per offer
  • External offer setup: from $15 per offer
  • Adding a site from the archive: from $5 per site
  • Adding a site by URL: from $7 per site
  • Adding a website from the website builder: from $150 per website
  • Adding a site from Figma layout: from $150 per site (one-page landing without animation, no more than 5 blocks including header and footer)
  • Adding a crypto site or financial institutions: from $ 15 per site
  • Adding custom logic to the site (collecting questions, phone masks): from $35
  • Teach your tech to set up offers, landings and prelandings: from $750

Emergency support services

  • Accident during working hours: from $50
  • Accident outside working hours: from $150
  • Urgent execution of any task: triple price

Support packages

Support services can be paid monthly at a fixed rate. The specific cost of a package of services depends on the volumes of the required works and is discussed in advance. If the network and the volume of work grows, the original price can be increased.

Basic support package

Technical support package is available to AlterCPA Pro users only, AlterCPA Moe is not supported. It includes:

  • Consultations during working hours (weekdays, 10:00-18:00 Moscow time)
  • "Error protection" - correction of technical mistakes made while working with the system
  • API integrations with third party affiliate networks and CRM
  • Updating the platform on the server when new versions are released
  • Server monitoring
  • Daily backup to AlterCPA storage
  • Moving from server to server
  • Project rescue in case of accidents

Price range: $250-600 per month. The price is calculated individually depending on the required amount of work.

Standard support package

Technical support package is available to AlterCPA Pro users only, AlterCPA Moe is not supported. It includes:

  • The whole range of basic support package services
  • Time of the service: weekdays, from 10:00 to 18:00 Moscow time for general questions, from 8:00 to 20:00 Moscow time for urgent questions and problems.
  • Supporting offers and sites of your affilate network

Price range: from $700 per month. The price is calculated individually depending on the required amount of work.

Terms of Service

  1. Services are ordered individually. To order, please contact us in a way convenient for you - we will discuss all the details.
  2. Services are prepaid. In rare cases, the amount may differ from that indicated in the price list due to significant technical difficulties. We will let you know in advance.
  3. The cost of services is indicated in United States Dollars. The indicated cost does not include taxes, fees, commissions of payment services. The final cost may differ from the indicated one.
  4. Technical support services are provided only for AlterCPA products. There is no technical support for products and services of third-party companies, even those related to the CPA.
  5. In case of emergency, services can be provided without prepayment. Providing a service without prepayment means your prior consent with its amount, depending on the volume of work and the urgency of execution.
  6. Funds for completed services are non-refundable. If the service cannot be provided for one reason or another, taking into account the following, money will be returned.
  7. You may be denied the provision of the service if there is no technical ability to provide it, for example, the target affiliate network does not have technical integration tools or the necessary data for integration are not provided, such as logins, passwords, API keys, instructions.
  8. You may be denied the provision of services if it may be in one way or another violating the laws of the Russian Federation.
  9. You may be denied the provision of services if it is not possible to fully coordinate all the work in one of the languages: Russian or English. Please note that the communication style in any of the indicated languages ​​is exclusively business. In the case of rudeness and threats on your part, the provision of services and further cooperation will be refused.
  10. Services are not provided if there are debts for services previously provided without prepayment (for example, emergency services). After debt repayment, the provision of services continues on a common basis. In case of repeated arrears, penalties may be applied in an amount ten times the amount owed. Prior to the repayment of the specified debt, further services are not provided.