How to add a company (supplier)

Companies in this system represent a supplier, a third-party organization, a partner network or a call center. Work with companies is carried out in the appropriate section of the control panel.

To add a new company, simply go to the "companies" section and enter Its name at the bottom of the page. The user to whom all finances and company management will be linked, will be created automatically. This user, or user-manager, is required to conduct all financial calculations on behalf of the company. Click on the "Create" button and you will be redirected to the company's initial setup page. There you can specify the details.

Companies can operate in two modes:

  • Company - receives the orders and carry out independently from the moment of receipt to transfer it to the status of paid or returned.
  • Call center - receives orders intended for other companies. Works with orders in status from New to Rejected. All accepted orders after the call center are distributed further to the supplier companies. To work as a call center, check the appropriate box in the company settings.

Companies can also interact with the system interface in two modes:

  • Manual processing - companies work with orders through the platform interface or API.
  • Order processing in the third-party CRM - orders through the API are transferred to a third-party CRM and their control is carried out automatically. To set up integration with third-party CRM, follow the link "Integration" of the relevant company and study this instruction and all subsequent ones.

If you use manual order processing, you can set up additional parameters on behalf of the company:

  • In the "Stuff management" section, you can add and remove employees who have access to the CRM.
  • In the "Groups" section, you can restrict access to different sections of the interface for groups of employees.
  • In the "Analytics" you can evaluate the success of the company in terms of the number of incoming orders, calls and redemption.

Extra information about working with a company that has its own call center, you can find in the "Call center"