How to add a company (advertiser)

Companies are either direct advertiser, affiliate network, call center or CRM where incoming leads are transferred. You need at least one company to work with.

Creating new company

Companies are configured in the "Control - Companies" section. The advertiser cannot register on its own, you need to add it manually. Go to the "Control - Companies" section and specify the name of the future company in the add form. Click the "Add" button and the company will be created.

After creation, the company settings form will open. At the start, in this section, you are only interested in one checkbox: "Automatically mark all approved orders as paid." If you plan to work with product traffic and analyze the percentage of delivered orders, uncheck this box and save the settings.

To give an advertiser access to their personal account, go to the "Control - People" section and enter the name of the company in the search. You will find the main user associated with it. He is responsible for the company's finances and access to its personal account. If necessary, he can independently add his employees with the required access level.

Company operation methods

Depending on the offers you work with, there are four main methods of working with companies:

  • API integration. The target company, CRM or affiliate network receives its leads via API. Lead statuses are checked via API or via a postback request. The personal account is not used. For more information, see "API Integration" section.
  • External integration. Company offers work through tracking links, and information about leads comes through a postback request. The personal account is not used. For more information, see "External offers" section.
  • Internal CRM. Orders are processed directly in the system interface. More information is available on the "Call center" page.
  • Dummy company. It is used to store leads that do not need to be processed. For example, tests or exceeding the allowable cap.

Important! You can not combine two methods of work in one company. If a third-party affiliate network works both via API and tracking links, create two different companies for it.

Additional system settings

Most of the company settings are required exclusively for working with internal CRM and are described in the "Call Center" section. In other cases, the following settings will be useful:

  • Work as first line call center. This checkbox reduces the ability of the company to transfer all confirmed orders for logistics to other companies. Useful for organizing a single call center for several internal advertisers.
  • Timezone. Replaces all internal time calculations in the company, including statistics. Influences the work schedule of the company.
  • Blocking limits. Suspends access to the personal account, API and the operation of all company integrations if the amount on the account is lower than the specified one. Limits can be both positive and negative. Set separately for each currency.
  • Working hours. Defines the schedule for which the company operates. The rest of the time, the personal account, integration and the company's API are blocked, as in case of exceeding the limits.

With the help of the work schedule, you can save a third-party call center from leads that arrive at night. All nightly leads will automatically be sent in the morning, according to the work schedule. In order not to overload the target CRM, it is recommended to limit the number of leads sent per minute in the integration settings.

The schedule is specified in the following format: 10:00-15:00,16:00-20:00 - beginning and end separated by a hyphen, intervals separated by commas. Each schedule item can be provided with an indication of working days, where 1 corresponds to Monday, and 7 to Sunday. Working days are specified using the symbol @ like this: 10:00-18:00@1-5 will correspond to work from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 18:00.