Private Flare

Protecting your sites

We will hide your server from intruders, protect it from attacks and speed up site loading.

Private Flare

Security, speed and protection

Your traffic will pass through secure filters and will be delivered to visitors as quickly as possible.

Hiding your server

The real addresses of your servers are securely hidden from intruders.

Connection protection

SSL certificates are generated and maintained automatically for all domains.

Resource compression

We optimize your pictures, scripts and styles on the fly, translate them into a modern format.


Your sites will remain safe when someone tries to flood them with junk traffic.

Built into AlterCPA

Your webmasters parked domains will automatically connect to PrivateFlare.

Totally private

Traffic passes only through your personal equipment and is hidden from prying eyes, even from us.

What is it and how does it work?

We deploy a lightweight traffic filtering and proxying service on your hardware. It compresses resources and protects target servers from attacks.

  1. Buy a virtual server.
    It will host our filter and all security systems.
  2. Add it in your account.
    You will receive a command that you need to run on the server.
  3. Bind the domains to this server.
    It is enough to specify a couple of entries in the DNS, it's easy.
  4. Add them in your personal account.
    Automatic filtering will take care of the rest.

How to purchase PrivateFlare

Tariffs differ by the number of active domains under protection. The number of servers is not limited.

100 domains

Try it our or take for personal use



500 domains

Optimal for real work and small teams




For affiliate networks and big teams



Free test period - 1 month for 10 domains. Please contact our sales department for access.