Introduction to integration

API integration is a tricky mechanism by which leads from your network get into the target affiliate network or CRM, and their processing statuses and comments are returned back. All processes are hidden from the eyes of a simple user and occur automatically.

  • New leads are sent to the target network or CRM once a minute asynchronously.
  • When working with autologin or payment on the site, leads are sent to the target network synchronously right at the moment of receipt.
  • Statuses for leads in processing are checked every 10 minutes.
  • Some target CRMs can check the status of leads only by date range, for such status checks occur once an hour.
  • Delivery and buy-out statuses are checked every few hours, by default - once a day.

How to setup the integration?

  1. Create a "Company" to which the integration will be linked. The company is linked to one personal account in one network or CRM.
  2. If you plan to work with product traffic and take into account the delivery status, uncheck the box "Complete all the approved orders automatically" in the company settings .
  3. Go to the Control - Companies section, find the required company. Click the "Edit" or "Integration" button and scroll to the bottom of the page. Select the required type (template) of integration. The list is listed below under the heading "Ready-made integrations".
  4. Or go to Control - Settings - Utilities - Integration settings. Select the company for which you want to configure and the required type (template) of integration. The list is listed below under the heading "Ready-made integrations".
  5. If you did not find a ready-made template, refer to the "Manual setup" section or contact AlterCPA specialists.
  6. Specify the required data for integration. Most often, these are API keys, logins, passwords, and possibly addresses of target CRMs. Read more in the instructions for ready-made integrations.
  7. If a list of postbacks is provided on the data entry page, add these postbacks in the network's personal account before continuing.
  8. Click the "Run" button and the integration will be configured and launched.
  9. You will see a page with the code of a ready-configured integration. Look at it. Be glad you didn't have to do it manually. Just leave this page and continue working, nothing needs to be changed or saved.

Ready-made integrations

  • AlterCPA Pro and AlterCPA Moe: product and financial integrations, autologin, connection on behalf of the webmaster.
  • Affiliate networks: AdBees (ZCPA), AdCombo, Aff1, AffbayAsia, AffStar, ApiLeads, ArbitPro, Astronaff,, CPAgetti, CTR, DottPro, DrCash, Everad, HotPartner, IKON, KMA, Lead-R, Lagoon, LeadReaktor, LeadRock, LeadTrade, LemonAD, LuckyOnline, M1 Shop, MarketCall, MetaCPA, MonadLead, Money4Leads, MonsterLeads, Offerrum (AD1), Offersify, OmniCPA, PladoMarket, ReklPro, RocketProfit, Shakes, Starway, Suprememedia V1, Tamyonetim / TamCRM, TerexTrade, TerraLeads, Traffic Light (T-Ligth,, Traffury, WebVork, WhoCPA.
  • Classic CRM: Bitrix, E-Autopay, InHouse, LeadVertex, LP CRM, OneHash, PingDelivery, RetailCRM, ReWorker, Telesales, Scaleo, UpsaleMe.
  • Financial networks: AdkCRM, AffClub, AlfaEngine / AffMidas, AlgoLead, AI Network, Aivix, Altair Labs, Aray, ATS Invest, BBC, BeatsClick, Belmar, CIM Found, CMB Affiliates, ConvertingTeam, CPAecom,, Eclipse, Edeal, Elain, Hell Leads, Huge Offers, LeadPanda, LeadsClub, LidsTech, Lionetix, MagicBase, MoonStar, NeoCRM / SferaNetwork, Prive, Rebel, Skynet Leads, STG, SupremeMedia V3, TenX, TradingCRM, TrafficOn, Trafkik, ULeads.
  • Financial CRM: Platform500, IREV, TrackBox, FX TopTech, Falcon / EcoSales / Natalia, JagCRM, GetLinked, UTip, UlltraCRM, ForexCats, ClickOut, 13 Buyers, Profit Center FX, AffiGate, ArionFX, Puma, I-Tech, LeadGreed, Genesis, Traffle, FakeSelfMade CRM 1, DrMailer, W-Square, CareCorp, AffBoat, Axela, Newton, TdsGo, Vibero, Elixir, PROFTIT, JokerCRM, MediaPro, MyAdsWorld, Pixel CRM, SkyByte, Trading Place, Unit, Trackpilot, FakeSelfMade CRM 2, T-CRM.

Manual setup

Settings are specified in the "Integration" section for each company.