AlterCPA Cloud

Cloud-based CPA platform

Allows you to launch your affiliate network, a tracker for an arbitration team, a CRM for a supplier, or all at once.

AlterCPA Cloud

Full featured AlterCPA Pro with server included

The AlterCPA platform has incorporated the most popular tools for working in the affiliate business industry

Any kind of offer

Goods, online and offline services, stores, applications, courses, nutra, crypto, gambling, betting, dating, dropship - there are no restrictions.

Built-in tracker

Traffic streams, split tests, domain parking, detailed statistics, traffic filter, ad network pixels.

CRM and logistics

A complete CRM for suppliers with a call center, warehouse, delivery services and analytics of all processes.

Easy integration

Get traffic to your sites directly or via API. Deliver traffic via API or tracking links with postbacks.

Deep analytics

Checking the traffic of any affiliate, approve and buy-out rates, ROI, profit in the context of two dozen parameters.

It's cloudy now!

We provide you with a separate server with the installed platform and full access. All your data is in your own hands only.

Can I use it?

AlterCPA Cloud will probably suit you, with a couple of nuances. We'll tell what you can use and what else will come in handy.

Read the nuances

Frequently asked questions

You can contact us and ask everything directly, or you can skip waiting and immediately find the answer on this page.

Refer to the FAQ

What is it and how does it work?

We deploy a virtual dedicated server for your project and run AlterCPA Pro with your domain on it.

  1. You buy a domain where your affiliate network, tracker or merchant CRM will be located.
  2. You link this domain to our DNS servers and order an AlterCPA Cloud license with it.
  3. You receive a notification about the assigned domain and pay for the selected period of work.
  4. You go to brew some coffee, and when you return, you find your AlterCPA ready for action.

How to buy AlterCPA Cloud

All licenses differ only in server power and traffic restrictions, there are no differences in functionality.


About 100 leads and 2000 clicks per day. Server with 2GB RAM, 3GB for sites.

$7 per day

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About 500 leads and 10000 clicks per day. Server with 8GB RAM, 10GB for sites.

$11 per day

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About 5000 leads and 1kk clicks per day. Server with 32GB RAM, 50GB for sites.

$15 per day

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The license price does not include technical support. You can read in more detail:

AlterCPA Cloud features

The cloud version has both its positive aspects and some disadvantages compared to a regular license.

Flexible payment terms

You can pay for a license for a period from a week to a hundred days. You can add time to your license at any time. But there are also disadvantages - at the end of the license term, the server is deleted after three days without the possibility of data recovery.

Choose your own payment term

Nominal limits

The tariffs indicate the recommended comfortable traffic limits for the selected server. There are no real restrictions on traffic. If you excess these limits, you may encounter slight freezes of statistics reports or slowing down some operations, but leads and clicks will continue to come without problems.

Choose the best option for you

Easy scaling

Start by using the simplest tariff - it will allow you to test the platform in operation on your tasks. Do you feel like you are getting cramped? Just change the tariff plan to a more powerful one and in a few minutes the system will be ready to work. Server downgrade is not available for technical reasons.

Reliable equipment

We use reliable server hardware from the best of the providers we have tested, fine-tune it to the specifics of AlterCPA and save you from technical nuances. With this, you can get full root access to your server, just contact us to add your SSH certificate. But you are dependent on the stability of the provider, no matter how perfect it may be.