System deployment

Manual server configuration, deployment of direct parking services and front proxy.

Setup in manual mode

This manual will help you deploy the system in manual way. We recommend that you deploy the system according to another instruction, because it is suitable for almost any network configuration.

Master site deployment

CPA network based on AlterCPA platform consists of two main parts: control panel and site storage. To ensure the reliability of the system and even load distribution, each of these elements can be placed on separate servers.

Deployment of site storage

Site storage is used for landing, prelanding and TDS. All sites are located in a single repository attached to the technical domain of your network.

Deployment of front server

The front server is responsible for hiding the main network server, caching landing static contents and creating SSL certificates for parked domains. Useful for an affiliate network or merchant. Useless for the arbitration team, which does not use the site repository.

Deployment of direct parking server

Direct domain parking is an optional AlterCPA tool. It allows you to park the domain directly to the stream, smart link or cloaking tool. With this type of parking, there are no redirects to a third-party domain, all content is displayed on the source domain, regardless of where the smartlink leads. The presence of this tool does not affect the classic domain parking to the site repository, its deployment is optional.

System upgrades

Updates for AlterCPA come regularly, sometimes several times a day. We recommend always maintaining the current version of the system using automatic updates.

Manual server deployment

We do not recommend configuring the server and the platform manually. Automatic installation script for Debian 10 runs the best setup.

Performance optimization

These tips are designed to help you not crash when increasing loads. With proper equipment and proper load distribution, your network can easily handle millions of unique visitors per day.