Design basics

After installing AlterCPA, you need to perform the important setting itself - select the color for the system. You have several options for working with the appearance of your network.

  1. Change the color and enter the network name. The easiest option that is suitable for use inside arbitration teams and other closed projects.
  2. Select an existing design option. Several design options are included to the package. You can slightly change the color and use in operation.
  3. Change the existing style for something new. You have full access to templates and files inside the "Skin" tool. You can make any changes to the appearance of your network.

As practice has shown, the best network design option includes choosing the desired color and adding your own beautiful lading on the main page.

Selection of the color

The basic settings of the appearance of your system are in the section "Management - Settings - Appearance". Color settings can be used both by standard and additional skins of the system. It is recommended to specify them:

  • Menu color - responsible for the main system menu style and navigation sidebar. Rarely used by additional styles.
  • Button color - responsible for the color of the main action buttons on the site. Additional buttons coloring isn't changed. Used by all styles.
  • Block color - responsible for the color of the widgets with data, for example, on the main page. Used by almost all styles.

It is not recommended to apply additional parameters in colors and styles responsible for switching on or disabling style files. These settings are better to specify inside the appropriate style.

Standard skins

You can activate support for skins. To do this, go to "Control - Settings - Skins" section and click on the activation button. Standard system design skins are loaded.

  • Brilliant - one of the first admin templates based on Bootstrap-3, lies here for nostalgia and as a sample of creating the skin.
  • Bootstrap 3 - absolute classic of design. The "Parameters" button allows you to select 17 different design styles. Some of them are still very nice.
  • DiffDash - beautiful bright design, very loved by our customers.
  • Classic dark theme.
  • Classic top navigation.
  • Classic dark theme with top navigation.

To activate the skin, click the "Select" button in the "Active" column. To configure the display settings - the "Parameters" button (relevant for Bootstrap). Do not make changes to existing styles, they will be eased when updating!

Creating your own skin

A new skin is created using a form above the table. As a name, it is best to specify the name of the folder in which the skin will be placed. The beautiful name can be specified later in the settings.

You have access to a change in template files, adding your CSS and JS files, loading pictures, work with macros and parameters. All these actions are described in the section "Design" of our knowledge base.

Lifehack! To take any of the existing skins as the basis of your own, act like this:

  1. Create new skin.
  2. Click on "Export" on the system skin you like.
  3. Click on "Import" over the skin table.
  4. In the "Folder" field, select the created skin, in the "File" field - downloaded export file.
  5. Click "Import" to upload the skin.
  6. Find the uploaded skin. It's name will be from paragraph 2, the folder from paragraph 3.
  7. Click "Settings" in this skin and set it the old name, erased when importing.
  8. Change the skin as you wish.