AlterCPA Red

Media buying tracker

We will deliver your traffic to the recipient, process smart split testing, clean up from bots and collect detailed statistics.

AlterCPA Red

All leads on target, no click missed!

Simple tools for novice media buyers and powerful functionality for experienced affiliates.

Split tests

Create smartlinks and run split testing with automated multi-armed bandit optimization.

Traffic filters

Clean traffic from suspicious visits using the built-in blacklists of bots and spammers.

Domain parking

Park your domains to work with the traffic and glue the flows directly to their home page.

Working with sites

Use your personal storage for local websites and better parking for the traffic domains.

Tracking by goals

Collect separate statistics by goals, separate registrations from deposits and revshares.

Easy integration

Track leads from your favorite affiliate networks via postback or through custom pixels.

What is it and how does it work?

We count and remember the visitors who follow your link, distribute them along the specified ways and record the actions they take on the target sites.

  1. Create your first flow.
    Specify a target link or upload a ready-made site archive.
  2. Setup the ways in it.
    You can create multiple ways and distribute traffic between them.
  3. Integrate analytics.
    Track actions via server-side postbacks or client-side pixels.
  4. Send your traffic.
    Park a domain for direct link or upload the client file to hosting.

How to purchase AlterCPA Red

Taficcs differ in campaigns number in the tracker, there are no traffic restrictions.


10 campaigns
Pay per 1 month




100 campaigns
Pay per 1 month




Pay per 1 month



Secret option: one flow forever free. Suitable for beginners, simply perfect for learning the tracker features.