User roles and auths

Within AlterCPA, you cannot use flexible settings for user access rights due to the close interconnection of components. You only have a limited number of roles for users in the system.

Traffic roles

The role of the user is determined by the field "Work" in his settings.


This is the standard role for any new user.

  • Has access to sections responsible for working with traffic: offers, statistics, flows, finance, bonuses, news.
  • Can be combined into arbitration teams within the network.
  • Recommended for working with solo arbitrageurs or full-time arbitrageurs.


A special type of affiliate designed to work as a reseller.

  • Does not have access to offer flows, instead uses API and stable tracking links.
  • It is recommended to create agencies for any third party network or team that you provide your offers to.

Advertiser roles

Employees are managed only inside the advertiser's interface.


This role is attached to any users associated with an advertiser. The user can work with the advertiser's orders within the access rights of his team. Most often, your network will have only administrators of companies without employees.

Company admin

An additional checkbox that can be set in the company's user settings.

  • The main administrator is automatically created when the company is created.
  • Has access to company statistics and analytics, personnel and warehouse management, company settings.
  • All financial activity of a company is tied to its main administrator.

Administration roles

Administrators and owners are recommended to issue the "Business" role in combination with the "System administrator " checkbox.


Role for analysts and business owners.

  • Have access to all sections of the affiliate on their own behalf.
  • In the statistics sections there is the "All" checkbox to show data for the entire network at once.
  • Have access to the "Orders" section with all system leads.
  • The "Business" section is available with order and delivery analytics, accounting and payments.
  • The "People" section with affiliates is available to access their statistics and analytics.
  • The "Technical support" section is available with all users.
  • Ideally combined with the "System Administrator" checkbox.


Role for specialists responsible for working with affiliates.

  • Have access to all sections of the affiliate on their own behalf.
  • Have access to their affiliate' data.
  • The "People" section is available with a list of their affiliates, to access their statistics and analytics.
  • Analytics section is available for general statistics on their affiliates.
  • The "Technical Support" section of their webmasters is available.
  • Does not have access to payouts and financial management.

Super Manager

If you check the "VIP statys" checkbox in the manager's settings, he gets access to all affiliates of the network, and not just his own.

System Administrator

An additional checkmark that is set for any of the users. Provides access to work with offers, sites, system settings. Ideally combined with the role of "Business".

How to grant access

You don't need to give the user their username and password. Go to the "Control - People" section. Find the desired user in it. Click on the "Enter" button. In the form that opens, copy the link and pass it to the user.

How to add a user

Adding a user may vary depending on their role in the system.

Affiliate, manager, business, admin

Go to the "Control - People" section. In the form above the table, specify the user's E-mail and click "Add". In the form that opens, you can change some data:

  • Display name - by default, the E-mail part will fit there, you can specify a convenient option.
  • Can add leads via API - very often useful for both managers and generic affiliates.
  • Work - select Manager or Business for management roles.
  • The user is a system administrator - to grant full access.

After saving, find the user in the list and send him the login link.


Go to the "Control - Agencies" section. In the form above the table, enter the name of the agency and click "Add". In the opened form, copy the contents of the "Message" field and send it to the representatives of the agency.


Go to the "Control - Companies" section. In the form above the table, enter the name of the company and click the "Add" button. Go to the "Management - People" section. Find a user there with the same name as the company name. Provide this user's access link.

Advertiser employee

Go to the "Control - People" section and find the company you need. Log in as a company administrator. Go to the "Settings - Personnel Management" section. Specify the name of the employee and click the "Add" button. Select the access level of the employee and his team. Save and use the "Login" button to get the link.