Setup: AlterCPA Cloud

This manual will help you deploy your project on AlterCPA Cloud, without going into details and subtleties. The deployment process is fully automated, you only need to prepare the domain and pay for the license.

Preparing to deploy

For deployment, you will need to prepare the following components yourself:

  1. Domain for the control panel and internal services. We recommend that you use a second-level domain, since we need several subdomains to work. Installing the control panel on a subdomain is not required - you can replace the login form with your landing page on the main domain.
  2. Licence of AlterCPA Cloud with any lifetime. When purchasing a license, you need to specify your primary domain.

Setting up the domain

You need to point the domain to our DNS servers. The domain must be purchased in advance from your favorite registrar.

    1. Go to AlterCPA Cloud license purchase section, select the tariff you are interested in and indicate the purchased domain. Specify the period for which you want to pay for the license (from 7 to 100 days) and click on "Buy". The page for managing your license will open.
    2. At the top of the page, the message "To activate check NS of domains" will be displayed. In it you will find DNS servers that you need to specify in your domain settings. Important! Sometimes they differ from those specified before purchasing a license.
    3. Go to the website of your domain registrar, find your domain in your personal account and select "Change NS servers" for this domain. Specify our DNS and click "Save". Settings can be applied for a long time, sometimes it takes several days.
    4. As soon as your domain is ready to go, we will send you an email. Now you can pay for the license and wait for the network to start.

Setting up the server

The server is configured automatically. It usually takes about 15 minutes after paying for the license. As soon as the server is ready, we will send you an email with the data to access it.

Initial system setup

Open your main network domain in a browser. You will be prompted to create a main administrator. We recommend that you enter a valid email address and a strong password. The administrator has full access to any operations with the system.

Immediately after installation, you must configure the basic system settings. To do this, go to the "Control - Settings" section, in which all the manipulations with the basic settings are carried out. In the "Basic Settings" section, specify the name of your network and contact E-mail. In the "Appearance" section, select a color scheme for the control panel. This is the end of the most important and critical settings, let's move on to the technical settings.

You will need to make small changes to the sections "Finance", "Database" and possibly "Datasets".

Section "Finance"

      1. Select the main internal currency of the system in which payments will be calculated.
      2. After choosing a currency, click the "Update" button in the list of currencies.

Section "Database"

      1. We recommend selection MaxMind GeoLite English geobase as the best one.
      2. Enable additional databases if necessary

Section "Datasets"

In this section, you may be interested in the items "Categories of offers" and "Methods of withdrawal of funds".

Further steps

    1. Read the "Working with platform" section of the manual.
    2. No, we are serious: read the section "Working with platform" of this manual, you really need it in your work.
    3. If necessary, check out the other "Deployment" section guides if you want to make any special changes to your server. Usually, this is not required and everything will work by itself.