AlterCPA Pro price list

All licenses differ only in terms of work, there are no differences in functionality or traffic restrictions.

1 month

Regular monthly license payments


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3 months

Optimal option for serious and deep test


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Lifetime license with updates included


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There are two options for purchasing AlterCPA Pro - monthly and lifetime. If you have a limited budget or are not sure of the success of the project, get a license for one or three months. If budgets allow, take a lifetime one right away. It is paid once and includes all subsequent updates.

Before the purchase

You need to rent a server and purchase a domain before purchasing - they will be required when ordering a license. We told about them here. You don't need to buy server for cloud license.

Difference between licenses

Licenses for a month, three months and the entire life of the project differ only in terms of validity. There is no difference in functionality. There are also no restrictions on the amount of traffic. Cloud licenses also do not have technical restrictions on the amount of traffic, they are limited only by the capacity of the provided server.

Switching from a monthly license to a lifetime license

You can buy a lifetime license anytime you use the license with a monthly fee. At the same time, the price of a lifetime license will not change, even if you used a monthly license for a year before.

License for an arbitrary period

You can take a license for an arbitrary period from one month to six months. Contact us to order an individual invoice. You can set the validity period of cloud licenses arbitrarily from a week to a hundred days.

Daily payment for a license

You can use AlterCPA Cloud to purchase a daily license. The cost of the license depends on the capacity of the provided server. In case of non-payment, the server is deleted three days after the expiration of the license without the possibility of data recovery.

  • Start - $7 per day ($210 monthly), about 100 leads and 2000 clicks daily.
  • Standard - $11 per day ($330 monthly), about 500 leads and 100 thousand clicks daily.
  • Profi - $15 per day ($450 monthly), about 5000 leads and 1 million clicks daily.

Support not included

AlterCPA Pro licenses do not include technical support. We don't want to increase the cost of licenses for users who work with their IT department. You can order one-time services or full support packages.

  • One-time technical support - from $15 per hour
  • Monthly service package "Custom" - from $700 per month
  • Monthly service package "Standard" - from $1000 per month


There are no discounts, except in the specific cases below. We follow the principle of fair prices and just don't increase price tags. We do not include hidden fees for support in the license price. We provide a one-time payment option for all the long years of your project's life.


You can buy a lifetime license for two payments a month apart. The amounts of payments we will agree with you personally. Usually it is $350 in the first month and $4650 in the second, or $500 and $4500, or $1000 and $4000, respectively. Installment for long periods is not provided, use a monthly license.

Transfer to third parties

You are prohibited from transferring or selling the lifetime license to third parties. The license is your personal property and does not pass along with the project when it is sold. After the sale of the project, you can make a new one on the same license. The new buyer is obliged to purchase a license for himself. The license cost for a new customer will be bit cheaper the standard price. Please contact us for details.