AlterCPA price list

There are several options for purchasing different versions of the AlterVision CPA Platform. You can choose your own depending on the tasks:

  • Monthly subscription - ideal for starting. If you only plan to try the field of affilate networks, this option is optimal. The license is issued for a period of one to ten months.
  • Lifetime subscription - for the confident in their abilities. You can move to it after testing our monthly subscription, or take it immediately. Server setup and deployment is included.

Licenses of different terms do not differ from each other in functions and capabilities. All prices are shown in United States dollars.

Important! To work with the platform you need not only the license, but also server, purchased domains and other trivia. You can see the list of necessary purchases in the section "How to start".

Monthly subscription

Subscription with a payment for the time of use is ideal at the start. If you just want to evaluate the full version of the platform and try out your strength, it is ideal for you. If you are confident in your abilities and the system suits you - we recommend buying a lifetime subscription. The cost of the license does not include the cost of technical support, technical support and consulting services are purchased and paid separately if necessary.


  1. Cheap start. At the initial stage, when your network is just beginning to develop, spending extra money on an expensive license is difficult. This option will help to protect yourself from unnecessary costs in case your network, by a tragic accident, suddenly "does not take off".


  1. Expensive. The many months of subscription you take, they will not serve as a discount for a lifetime subscription.
  2. It is necessary to care about the validity of the license. The license for each period is generated manually. If you find that you forgot to extend it - the network can stand for several hours, or even days, before you pay for the new period.
  3. Payd setup and deployment. To install a premium version or update from a free version, you will either do it yourself, or for a fee.

Monthly license price list

1 month $200 33
2 months $350 66
3 months $500 100
4 months $666 135
5 months $831 165
6 months $1000 200

Prices and terms in this table may differ slightly from the current price. The current cost and terms of licensing are listed on the purchase page. Note that the cost of purchased "limited" licenses will not be deducted from the cost of a lifetime license.

Lifetime license

Subscription to the platform is paid once and is valid lifetime. You get access to all future updates and new versions of the platform. The cost of a lifetime subscription includes help with the deployment of the system on the server. The cost of the license does not include the cost of technical support, technical support and consulting services are purchased and paid separately if necessary.

Lifetime license price: $2000

If you previously used a monthly subscription, unfortunately, the discounts will not be regardless of the number of paid months. Transfer of your license to third parties is prohibited.

Additional services

More information about the additional support services and the terms of their provision you can read in the section "Service".

  • Consultations - from $20 per hour
  • Monthly service package "Basic" - from $300 per month
  • Monthly service package "Standard" - from $600 per month