Hacks and modules

Hacks are extensions for AlterCPA that allow you to add new features and customize the platform to your needs.

Introducing hacks

Hacks are extension modules for AlterCPA. You can work with them in the "Control - Hacks and modules" section. In this section, you can view available hacks from AlterCPA developers, create your own hack and change any of its settings.

Startup file

The startup file is connected at the moment the hack is initialized. He is responsible for the preliminary settings of the hack and the preparation of handlers.

Main class

The main working file of the hack contains a class that is responsible for configuration parameters, loading modules and libraries, connecting templates, styles and scripts. The class can be extended with any additional functions.


Modules in hacks implement the main functionality - page processing, implementation of scheduler tasks and API functions. Within the MVC model, they are most similar to "controllers".


Libraries in hacks implement the data access function and act as a layer between modules and a database or third-party services. Within the MVC framework, they are most similar to "models"

Language files

Language files allow you to add your own lines of text in system languages and replace existing ones. It is forbidden to use text in hacks directly without language files.

Templates and styling

Templates in hacks are responsible for the appearance of the displayed pages. It supports working with the structure files themselves, their CSS and JS files and pictures. Within the MVC model, they are most similar to "views".

Creating API

Hacks can provide new API applications or extend existing ones with new functions. Overwriting existing functions in applications is not supported.

Task schedule

You can run periodic tasks through the built-in scheduler. You can bind to the main system events or create tasks that run at random times.

Working with database

Describing the process of preparing tables in the database, creating a data schema for automatic migrations and functions for working with data.

Advertising networks

Connectors of advertising networks and services allow you to load data on traffic expenses from them. These data are used to form statistics on ROI.

Delivery services

Delivery service connectors add logistics services with the ability to send packages, track delivery, print labels, and extend the order processing form in CRM.

Automatic updates

Hacks from the AlterCPA team are updated automatically. You can implement an update service for your hacks and deliver fresh versions to all AlterCPA users in less than an hour.