Working with platform

Your first steps in managing AlterCPA Pro and a quick guide for administrators.

Quick start guide

So, you have deployed the technical part of your project: an affiliate network, an arbitrage platform, an advertiser's CRM, and are already rushing into battle. You only need to take a few steps to start working with traffic.

How to add a company (advertiser)

Companies are either direct advertiser, affiliate network, call center or CRM where incoming leads are transferred. You need at least one company to work with.

How to add the offer

Offers form the basis of the affiliate network functionality. Work with offers is carried out in the "Offers" section of the system management. Only system administrators have access to setting up offers and their sites.

How to add a landing page

Landing page is one-page site with an order form. Its task is to collect the buyer's data (name, phone, email) and display the "Thank you" page. Most often it looks like a product or service description page. Sometimes it looks like a review site or a news blog, but with an order form. Can work with the registration form and redirect the user to the personal account.

How to add a prelanding page

Prelanding is a one-page site with a link to a landing page. Its task is to warm up the buyer's interest in the product before it appears on the landing page. Most often it looks like a news item, a blog post, or a site with product reviews. In some cases, it contains not only links to the landing page, but also an order form.

How to add a TDS-site

TDS is a special type of site that allows you to distribute traffic between other sites added to your network. Distribution can be carried out both between sites of one offer, and for different offers. The distribution criteria can be the country of the visitor, the type of traffic (desktop, mobile, iOS / Android), probability and limits on the number of leads. TDS preset is created once and can be used in several sites, for example, for different offers.

Payments management

Platform AlterCPA has a very easy system to set payments for leads. You can set payouts based on completely different parameters: GEO, company, type of traffic, etc. The Reverse side of this variability is the complexity of the settings. Please read this manual carefully and thoughtfully to avoid  mistakes.

Leads distribution management

Distribution of orders by companies is carried out in two stages: upon receipt of the order in the system and upon confirmation of the order in the call center. When working with a company such as "Call center" confirmed order must be transferred further, because the call center can only work with orders at the stage of calling

Deploy and configure the call center

The platform has a good functionality of built-in CRM for call centers. It does not have built-in tools for integration with telephony services, but allows you to establish a convenient operation of a small call center.

Working with agencies (resell)

Agency is any serious company that sends you its traffic like affiliate network or arbitration team. The main difference between an agency and a simple user are the statistics by the source - the internal webmaster on the side of the agency.

Working with caps

The mechanism of the caps allows you to count the number of traffic on offers, geo, companies and users. On its basis, you can manage the distribution of traffic to company. Working with caps is carried out in the "Caps" subsection "Management" section and is available to administrators.

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