Can I use AlterCPA for ... ?

In short: Yes!

AlterCPA is a universal product, but even it has its limitations. We have collected popular requests from our customers.

Yes, it fits

Creation of a full-featured partner network

Yes, AlterCPA is designed for this.

Commodity, nutra, gambling, betting, dating, crypto …



Yes. The kit also includes a suitable CRM, you can work without purchasing additional software.

Direct supplier affiliate network

Yes. There is a built-in CRM, but there is a nuance - this CRM can be free.

Internal tracker for the arbitration team

Perfect fit. There is also support for small arbitration teams within the same network.

Personal tracker for solo use

You can use the cloud version of AlterCPA to lower costs.

Receiving traffic from other networks

You can send your resell offers to other networks via API or tracking links. To get started, create a new "Agency" and send the instructions to the partners.

Resell offers from other networks

AlterCPA supports two models of resell offers:

  • Internal offers - landing and pre-landing pages are stored on the side of your network, leads are transferred via API, lead statuses are received via API or postback requests.
  • External offers - landing pages are on the side of the recipient network, information about leads and their statuses is received via postbacks.

Integration with merchant's CRM

AlterCPA supports any CRM that has a lead entity, an API for creating a lead, and an API for checking the status of a lead. If there is no API for checking the status, a postback is needed when changing the status. If there is no lead creation API, a tracking link with SubID support is required. If there is no full-featured lead entity, there is an API for integration from the vendor's side. If there is not even CRM, AlterCPA has a built-in one.

Working with smartlink offers

AlterCPA supports two kinds of smart links :

  • From an administrator's point of view, we call smartlinks TDS. They support the distribution of traffic between sites, taking into account geography, restrictions on the number of leads and the success of the offer.
  • Smart links for the affiliates are called split tests and allow you to implement the same traffic distribution between streams.

Working with private offers

You can hide offers, making them available only to certain users, user groups or arbitration teams.

Yes, but there is a nuance

Working as a CRM for a merchant

If you want to use AlterCPA Pro as a CRM for a vendor, first check out our free version - AlterCPA Moe. You may not need to buy anything.

Work as a supplier with delivery

You may need to integrate with shipping services that are not yet available in CPA. Please contact us and provide documentation for your shipping services so that we can connect them to the system.

Working with bank offers

AlterCPA supports it, it remains to wait for support from the banks themselves. Working with banks via API is difficult, since visitors do not trust banks' advertising materials on third-party resources. Not all banks support working with tracking links.

Working on the Pay per Call model

To implement pay-per-call, you definitely need a third-party call tracking solution. It must support work with UTM tags or SubIDs. It is also desirable to be able to send postbacks.

Working with applications

Inside AlterCPA there are the necessary APIs to integrate with your applications, but this integration will definitely require the application itself to be improved.

Application rental

AlterCPA streaming links can be easily integrated into rental applications for gambling or betting traffic. But the AlterCPA platform itself does not contain tools for organizing the rental of applications, you will need a third-party service.

No, it doesn't fit

Work on the CPC model

AlterCPA is not designed to work with Pay Per Click. Any operations are always charged specifically for the action. This action can be a lead, registration, purchase, but not a transition to the site.

Creation of an advertising network

Any project based on AlterCPA is a traffic receiver. It does not contain tools for generating it, such as teaser blocks or ad rotators.