Creating external offer

External offer is a classic method of working with offers whose websites are located on the advertiser's side. The advertiser itself provides you with a tracking link and sends postback requests when a visitor takes some action. On the basis of external offers, dating, gambling, webcams, bets, online stores, payment on the site, and services are usually implemented.

The process of adding an external offer looks like this:

  1. We prepare the advertiser.
  2. We create an offer and set up its appearance and commissions according to the usual instructions.
  3. We add tracking links.
  4. We make postbacks and set them up on the advertiser's side.

Preparing advertiser

The advertiser is set up once and then used for all it's offers.

  1. Go to the "Control - Companies" section.
  2. Use the form above the page to add a new company with the name of your advertiser. It will be used for accounting purposes.
  3. In the company settings that open, you do not need to make any changes, just "Save" the current page.
  4. Go to the "Integration" section of the newly created company.
  5. Check the "Enable sending leads to CRM" checkbox in the "Sending new leads to CRM" block, this will be the first checkbox on the page.
  6. Do not enter any other data, just "Save" the page.
  7. The advertiser is ready to go.

Creating offer

As usual, for each offer on the advertiser's side, you need to create an offer in your network. One offer can easily work with several tracking links, for example, to different geo or landings on the advertiser's side. You don't need to create an offer for each tracking link.

  1. Go to the "Control - Offers" section.
  2. Enter a name for the new offer and click "Create".
  3. On the settings page, specify useful information, offer description, list of sources and other information for the affiliate.
  4. In the "Processing incoming orders" block, select the previously created company in the default list.
  5. Save the offer settings.
  6. Optionally, configure goals and payments for basic instructions.
  7. The offer is ready for further work.

Adding tracking links

The process of adding tracking links is described in detail in this section. Brief instructions for links:

  1. Go to the "Sites" section of the desired offer.
  2. Click on "Redirect" to add a new site.
  3. Specify the path according to the instructions.
  4. Enter the tracking link in the Redirect URL field.
  5. Don't forget to add {click} in the tracking link.
  6. Click "Add".
  7. The tracking link is ready to go.

Setting up postbacks

Sample postbacks will be provided to you immediately after adding the redirect site. Sometimes an advertiser asks for postbacks before giving a tracking link. In this case, add a redirect site with any redirect URL, get postbacks, and then change the redirect URL in the site settings.

Working with postbacks is described in these sections: