System design and appearance settings, built-in styles, creating your own unique design style

Design basics

After installing AlterCPA, you need to perform the important setting itself - select the color for the system. You have several options for working with the appearance of your network.

Creating new skin

Working with the appearance of the site is conducted from the "Management - Settings - Skins" section. For any changes in the design of your system, you must first create your own skin.

Landing on home page

Any affiliate network needs a beautiful landing page. You can host it on a separate domain or embed it directly into the AlterCPA home page for unauthorized users.

Your logo

In the standard system design style, you can use the text logo from the site settings or replace it with an image. Replacing the logo is a safe procedure and will survive any system updates.


Templates inside skins are responsible for the HTML content of what will be displayed to the user. You can choose the template of the page you are interested in and make any changes to it.


Using macros, you can replace the names of the classes used in all templates. This will allow you to leave existing template files when tightening a new skin - the template structure most often coincides, only the names of the classes differ.


Parameters can be used to change the behavior of a skin. For example, you can make several skins with the same content but different parameters. Parameters are specified by a list of names and values or by a visual form.