Protecting affiliate networks from DDoS

We will help reduce damage to your network during the attack


Configuring network equipment to reduce damage from a DDoS attack

from $350

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Regularly network equipment monitoring to catch load surges

from $100

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Emergency measures to reduce damage during the DDoS attack on the network

from $1500

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We offer you a set of measures that will help to significantly reduce the damage from possible DDoS attacks by competitors. The service is provided only for networks based on AlterCPA, AlterCPA Pro is recommended.

There is no perfect DDoS protection. There is too much money floating around in the affiliate networking industry, which means your competitors are rich enough to afford a really serious attack. Our task is to save your traffic.

We hope you never have to experience anything like this. In fact, a DDoS attack is a fairly rare occurrence. Over the ten years of our company's existence, attacks occurred only six times, of which only three were serious.

Protection measures can be divided into three main stages: initial network preparation, equipment monitoring in anticipation of an attack, and the DDoS attack incident itself. We recommend at least some preparation.

Secure your network

The most important step in protecting your network is preparing your equipment and domains. We take advantage of the internal design of AlterCPA to divide areas of responsibility into several separate servers.

The security configuration for each network is developed individually. There is no perfect ready-made solution. But you are guaranteed to face increased costs for your network equipment.

Preparation is a mandatory step for organizing protection. Without preparation, the chances of surviving an attack without significant losses are practically zero.

Cost of network preparation activities: from $350 one time.

Expected increase in equipment costs: approximately $100 per month.

Control your hardware

Monitoring activities include monitoring the status of all servers included in your network infrastructure and daily network backups to our equipment.

Monitoring is not mandatory or mission critical. It allows you to react faster to the onset of an attack and have time to analyze it during the warm-up stage.

Cost of monitoring services: from $100 per month, depending on the network configuration.

Protect during the incident

The process of saving your network during a DDoS attack - analyzing attack methods, taking protective measures, trying to reassure network owners. It also very often includes urgent preparation tasks because no one has done it in advance.

During an attack, our main task is to save your traffic. We can hand over some resources to attackers, disable some domains or block the display of some sections of the interface, but at the same time preserve the operation of the internal mechanisms of the network and minimize reputational costs.

Cost of emergency protection services: from $1500, depending on the duration and complexity of the attack.