Start: nutra and products

Technical features and tips for launching AlterCPA in verticals: nutra, dietary supplements, product offers, physical goods.

Product and nutra verticals have a number of features that must be considered when starting:

  1. Offers have a wide variety of landings and prelandings, which are often hosted on the webmaster's server.
  2. Payment is usually made for a confirmed lead, so fraud is common. It is necessary to monitor the delivery and payment of parcels.

Action plan

  1. You can use either the AlterCPA Pro or AlterCPA Cloud, depending on the planned volumes. To get started, you can use the cloud version on the tariff "Start".
  2. When working with AlterCPA Pro, take a medium power main server. The server is best taken from the company Inferno or Hetzner. A plan of $20-30 per month will suit you.
  3. With large traffic volumes, it is recommended to use a dedicated Hetzner server of the AX line. If necessary, two servers - for the platform and site storage.
  4. Install AlterCPA following the standard instructions for Pro or Cloud versions. There are no special subtleties of installation.
  5. It is recommended to take an additional server and configure it as a front server according to instructions. Buy the server from Inferno for a minimum rate of $5.
  6. Purchase and park an additional domain to the front server. It will host your site repository. Don't use the system domain, even if you're working as a team.
  7. Create advertisers and set up integrations with them. For general information about integrations, see "API Integration". You will need sections "Affiliate Networks" and "Classic CRM". If there are no ready-made templates, you will need to manually configure the integration.
  8. When adding advertisers, make sure you don't forget to uncheck "Automatically mark all accepted leads as paid" or shipping analytics won't work. The checkbox is needed only for those networks that don't provide delivery and payment data.
  9. If you are planning to use AlterCPA as your main CRM, please refer to the setup documentation of the internal call center. When working with AlterCPA Cloud, it is recommended to move the call center to a free one AlterCPA Moe. When working with large volumes - in a separate project with its own license.
  10. Add the offers you want to work with. It is not necessary to separate offers by country, but it is convenient when there are a large number of sites.
  11. When creating an offer, select the "Regular offer" template - you don't need any special settings.
  12. Add landings and prelandings to offers. The presence of these sites in the repository is strictly required - they are used for tracking clicks and as previews for webmasters.
  13. When adding sites, be sure to create archives of them. The webmaster rarely uses affiliate network links and prefers to download sites to his hosting.
  14. Read the documentation on traffic distribution. There is no need to separate one offer if it is presented by several advertisers without differences in price. Just use the traffic distribution settings.
  15. Read the documentation on setting up commissions. You will often have to issue higher rates. To do this, you do not need to make a copy of the offer, just add a separate commission.
  16. You will often give offers to resell to other networks or to large arbitrage teams. All of them work on the API. Create agency accounts for them. If the user himself registers as a webmaster, you can convert him to an agency with the utility.
  17. Enable and configure the traffic filtering section. When working solo or in a team, check out our materials on combining filters and split tests, they will guide you pleasantly surprised.
  18. Create accounts of managers to work with webmasters. If you do not have external managers, get at least one "virtual" and fill in his contact details. The manager will be shown to the webmaster on the main page and in the help section.
  19. Review the user documentation section and create your own documentation based on it. The existing universal section is not ideal for your particular case.
  20. Activate the googleauthenticator hack, it will add the possibility of two-factor authentication. This will come in handy given webmasters' disregard for the security of their passwords.