The mechanism of the caps allows you to count the number of traffic on offers, geo, companies and users. On its basis, you can manage the distribution of traffic to company. Working with caps is carried out in the "Caps" subsection "Management" section and is available to administrators.

Examples of possible cap applications in operation:

  1. The company "Rog and hooves" gives good commissions, but is able to send only a hundred dick creams per day. If the cap is filled, send orders of dick creams to another company with smaller commissions, but with a large warehouse.
  2. Affiliate John Doe only began to work with a new offer, you need to check his traffic. We make a small cap on a hundred leads personally under Johny and watch it. As soon as the cap is filled, we say "game over" and check the traffic.
  3. The "Noble Don" arbitration team should give at least a thousand approves a week to get bonus. We make the cap on this team on all offers and on Sunday simply check, is it filled or not. On this we decide to give the bonus or not.

Adding and configuring caps

To add a new cab, specify its name and click the Add button. You will go to the settings page.

Setting up volume

The classic approach is setting the number of valid leads from the beginning of the day.

  • Amount determines the volume of the cap, to which it can be filled. After this quantity the cap will be considered unavailable.
  • Status determines the kind of leads taken into account when counting cap quantity. We use the affiliate-visible lead status, which uses offer model.
  • Period determines the time for which leads are counted. Option "Starting from midnight" takes into account the leads for the current calendar day, other options - for 1/7/30/365 days from the current moment.

Filter settings

All selected conditions are taken into account simultaneously. For example, when you specify two users and five offers, the number of leads of each of the users for each of the offers is summed.

  • Companies, offers and countries are simply selected from the list. You can specify several pieces at once.
  • Users are set by the list of identifiers through the comma. If you need to add a whole arbitration team, its ID is indicated with a minus sign. If you need to calculate leads for specific affiliate on the agency side, put the identifier in the format Agency-Affiliate via a hyphen, for example 12-A3B4C. Important: Use the agency identifier, and not it's system user ID.

General settings

Influence only on display and search for caps in the list.

  • Name is used only for convenience, it can be any.
  • Tags allow you to group caps and show statistics by groups. The tag should consist of letters and numbers, can not contain spaces. Indicated without hashtag symbol.
  • Show capaticy in the list allows you to observe the number of leads in the specified cap in real time. It is recommended to include only if cap is required by the "live" monitoring by the employee.

Tracking the number of leads

On the caps management page you can see the number of leads, available amount and size of the cap. In order to improve performance, the total number is shown only by those caps that are available on the opened page.

Counting the number of leads in cap is heavy task. Therefore, the number of leads on the cap isn't displayed in real time. It is cached for one minute.

You can count the cap amounts by tags. To do this, click on the tag in the list or specify it in the search field with the lattice sign.

Traffic distribution

You can use cap when distributing traffic in offers. To check the cap, add the cap(123) code to the distribution script, where instead 123 specify the cap ID. The script line will be active only with the available cap.

You can check several caps at the same time. In this case, the script line will be active if all the caps are available.

Distribution script example with caps used:

geo:ru 80% cap(1) cap(4) #3
geo:ru cap(2) cap(4) #4

Important! When removing the cap, all script lines with its participation will be inactive, since the cap is considered unavailable.

Even more important! Unavailable cap does not block traffic! You can not use cap to block traffic, since the loss of traffic is contrary to the fundamental principles of AlterCPA. Just distribute traffic to a separate company in order to catch all the leads.