Start: gambling and betting

Technical features and tips for launching AlterCPA in verticals: gambling, betting.

Gambling and betting verticals have a number of features that you need to consider when starting:

  1. Traffic is often delivered through dedicated mobile apps rather than a traditional web feed.
  2. There is no site storage as such, all landing pages are virtual redirect sites that follow the tracking link from the advertiser.
  3. Offers work both on the traditional CPA model and on the Revenue Share model with interest rates.

Action plan

  1. You can use either the AlterCPA Pro or AlterCPA Cloud, depending on the planned volumes. To get started, you can use the cloud version on the tariff "Start".
  2. When working with AlterCPA Pro, take a medium power main server. The server is best taken from the company Inferno or Hetzner. A plan of $20-30 per month will suit you.
  3. Install AlterCPA following the standard instructions for Pro or Cloud versions. There are no special subtleties of installation.
  4. It is recommended to take an additional server and configure it as a front server according to instructions. Buy the server from Inferno for a minimum rate of $5.
  5. Purchase and park an additional domain to the front server. It will host your site repository. Don't use the system domain, even if you're working as a team.
  6. Set up a special mode for displaying statistics. Hide lead and conversion data in advanced settings. In the "Control - Datasets - Statistics blocks" section, add the goals you need. It is recommended to have: registration (CR and total), deposit (default, EPC, approve, amount by status, finance) and RevShare payment (EPC, total and finance).
  7. Add advertisers and their offers. To do this, read instructions for adding external offers.
  8. When create an offer, choose either "External" or "RevShare" template - they will automatically add targets and dummy sites.
  9. If you plan to work only with CPA-model offers, you will not need additional goals or special statistics. Use the "registration" event to create a new lead, and the "deposit" event to approve it or send it to hold (delayed confirmation).
  10. If you plan to work with different models, always start registration and deposit as separate goals, otherwise the statistics wont be displayed correctly.
  11. Read the documentation on setting up commissions. You will often have to issue higher rates. To do this, you do not need to make a copy of the offer, just add a separate commission.
  12. It is recommended to add support for mobile applications. This is done through the activation of their vendor hacks. As an example, you can use integration with TD Apps.
  13. Create accounts of managers to work with webmasters. If you do not have external managers, get at least one "virtual" and fill in his contact details. The manager will be shown to the webmaster on the main page and in the help section.
  14. Review the user documentation section and create your own documentation based on it. The existing universal section is not ideal for your particular case.
  15. Activate the googleauthenticator hack, it will add the possibility of two-factor authentication. This will come in handy given webmasters' disregard for the security of their passwords.