Platform AlterCPA has a very easy system to set payments for leads. You can set payouts based on completely different parameters: GEO, company, type of traffic, etc. The Reverse side of this variability is the complexity of the settings. Please read this manual carefully and thoughtfully to avoid mistakes.

Payments are managed in the "payments" section of the selected offer. The list of contributions is arranged from top to bottom in order of priority.

The first place in this list should always be the default payment. It will be used if the condition for another specified payout is not met. For the payment of default should not be set any conditions of operation, including GEO.

If you need to set payouts for certain conditions (for example, for other GEOS), then you add it to the list under the default payouts and just set the parameter for this payoff, at which it will be applied. If you want to set several parameters, you create another payment, which is located even lower in the list, and he also prescribe the condition of application.

LIFEHACK! If you have a lot of similar payments by countries in the GEO list, you can set a default payment for them, and specify only those countries for which payments differ.

Payment editing

When editing a payout, you can set the following trigger conditions:

  • Traffic source. You can set it only for agencies only for VIP webmasters, only for referrals VIP webmasters, or its referrals.
  • Supplier. The supplier can be a company or a call center.
  • Type of traffic. You can set different payouts for mobile and desktop traffic.
  • Poor quality traffic. Landing can mark some orders as "traffic-shit". For obvious reasons, for such orders a special rate.
  • GEO. The payout is set depending on the country of traffic origin. An empty field means that the payout is suitable for any country. The list of countries is given by ISO codes separated by commas.
  • Webmaster's. You can set a payout for a specific webmaster in the system or on the Agency side. The webmaster ID in the system is indicated by a number, the webmaster ID of the Agency is specified as XX - YY, where XX - it Agency, and YY-ID of the webmaster.

The amount of payments specified in the currency of the default network or in the currency chosen in the settings of the deductions.Payout amounts can be specified by debit and credit of the account. If the corresponding item is checked, the specified payouts are used. Including zero.

  • Accoun debit payments charged to determine what the amount will be debited from the account of the supplier. It always goes to the plus of the affiliate network.
  • Account credit payments determine how much money will be credited to the account of a webmaster, Agency or call center. It always goes to the minus of the affiliate network.
  • Payment of the referral program. It is used to set the amount that will be transferred to the user who attracted the payee (webmaster or Agency). It always goes to the minus of the affiliate network and is deducted from the Commission of the affiliate network, without affecting the payment of debit and credit account.

The main payouts can be set in the following way:

  • The basic part of the payment is always transferred, regardless of the quantity of goods in the order.
  • The upsale amount is charged for each additional unit of the main product sold.
  • The cross-sale amount is charged for each unit of additional goods sold.
  • You can limit the quantity of goods for which an upsale or cross-sale is charged
  • Percentage payment allows you to specify a percentage of the final order amount.

For example, if you use a basic deduction of 7$ and an upsale of 1$ to 3 pieces, the deductions depending on the number of goods will be 7, 8, 9 and 9 for 1, 2, 3 and 4 units of goods in the order, respectively.

General information about allocations, such as" Name " and availability to webmasters, is not used in the main system template. You can set them for your convenience and, if you want, use them in your code to improve the system.

General principle of payment

Payouts are calculated using the following algorithm:

  1. The first payment is taken as a basis. It should not have conditions of accrual and the amounts specified therein are taken for income and expenses.
  2. In turn, all subsequent payments are analyzed. If the order falls under their conditions, the previously mentioned payments are replaced with new ones.
  3. If the "Do not process other conditions" checkbox is selected when the payout amount is triggered, the analysis stops.
  4. Otherwise, all payments are consistently applied to the order. Used the one that came last.

Payments for call center

If you use your call center, you can charge the supplier an additional fee for processing his orders. To do this, add a new payment, select the call center in the "Recipient", put a tick in the "Account credit payments" block and specify the amount that should be credited to the call center account. If necessary, you can change the amount you want to transfer from the supplier's account. Important! You must specify not the amount that will be withdrawn from the account in favor of the call center, but the entire amount that will be withdrawn from the supplier's account, that is, payments to the webmaster + affiliate commission + payments to the call center!


Example 1. The offer is relevant for Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, all payments - 6$.

In the offer settings, set the list of GEO: ru, ua,kz

In the payment settings, add a single payment in the amount of 9.12$ without conditions.

Example 2. The conditions are the same, but for Kazakhstan payments are set at 8.36$ .

Repeat the steps from example 1.

Add payments, in the conditions of which indicate GEO kz and the amount of 8.36$. Set it second in the list.

Example 3. The offer works in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus. payments- 8.36$. For Russia and Ukraine there are increased payments of 9.12$.

In the offer settings, set the list of geo ru,ua,kz,by.

Add payments without conditions with the amount of 8.36$.

Add the second payment in the list, in the conditions of operation specify geo ru, ua, in the amount - 9.12$.

Example 4. Mobile traffic for the offer is paid for 8.36$, desktop traffic-9.12$.

Add the default payout of 9.12$.

Add the second payment in the list in the conditions of operation specify only mobile traffic, in the amount - 8.36$

Difficult situation. Traffic to the offer is distributed between two companies. One works with orders directly, the second uses a call center. payments to the webmaster - 7.6$ . Payments to the call center for order processing - 0.76$. Affiliate network commission - 1.52$.

Add the default payout. It indicates the amount of debit account-9.12$ (7.6$+1.52$). Payment of the loan account-7.6$.

Add the second payment. In it you specify a triggering condition "Recipient" "the Call center". Payments on debit accounts specify 9.88$ (7.6$ to publisher + 0.76$ to call center + 1.52$ as Affiliate network commission). Payments on credit accounts specify in 0.76$, which go in call-center.