Deploy and configure the call center

The platform has a good functionality of built-in CRM for call centers. It doesn't have built-in tools for integration with telephony services, but it allows you to set up a convenient work for a small call center.

From the point of view of the operator, work with the call center is carried out using the big green button on the main page. This button automatically selects the order that needs to be processed at the moment and issues it to the operator.

The call center interface is optimized for the work of operators with any level of intelligence. A large green button will suffice for the average operator. She is bright, big and green. It is extremely difficult to miss her. An operator with the rudiments of a mind formed can also use search and filtering to work with a strictly defined lead.

CRM manual

CRM documentation is available on its official website. You can even use the built-in CRM completely free without buying AlterCPA Pro or AlterCPA Cloud.

  • Personnel and team management. You can grant access to your employees, split them into teams with assigned leaders, distribute offers between teams and collect team statistics.
  • Working with offers. Offers are the basis of CRM, it is to them that leads are attached, prices are set for them, goods are created inside them. To work, you will need to correctly set up at least one offer.
  • Logistics and delivery. CRM provides ample opportunities for integration with logistics services. You can outsource the tasks of calculating prices, sending parcels, printing documents and tracking delivery to your operators.
  • Statistics and analytics. Not only CRM itself is hiding inside AlterCPA, but also a couple of useful tools for statistics and analytics of your orders.
  • Warehouse accounting. CRM allows you to process the warehouse accounting and analyze consumption and sales success in the context of goods. It offers classic operations for the arrival and correction of balances, automatic write-off of goods from confirmed orders and convenient journals for recording movement and statistics.
  • Cost and net profit accounting. Tool for calculating the net profit for product traffic. It takes into account the income from purchased orders and the expense for sent orders.
  • Call center automation. It automatically dials the customer’s number and distributes calls between operators.