Deploy and configure the call center

The platform has a good functionality of built-in CRM for call centers. It does not have built-in tools for integration with telephony services, but allows you to establish a convenient operation of a small call center.

Directly for the operator, work with the call center is carried out with the help of a large green button on the main page. This button automatically selects the order to be processed at the moment and issues it to the operator. Orders are allocated in the following priority: my in treatment, new, my unconfirmed orders, all unconfirmed orders, all in the treatment. The button tries not to distribute the same order to several operators at once. When a new order or the need to call the old one, a notification comes.

–°all center`s CRM is optimized for operators with any level of intelligence. For the middle-mind operator it has a large green button. It is brightly visible, big and green. It is extremely difficult to miss it. A less savvy Operator can also use search and filtering to work with a strictly defined order.

Staff management

Adding, deleting and editing call center and company employees is carried out in the "Stuff management" section. It allows you to work with users and, if necessary, distribute them into groups. A call center team can have a united structure or a team structure. Teams allow employees to set a certain level of access to company orders. Commands are managed in the corresponding section. Team lead has access to the call statistics of your team.


Payment settings are made in the settings of the company or team. Users can pay for the following actions:

  • Day shift - the amount is charged for each day in which the user has processed at least one order in the period from 10am to 5pm .
  • Night shift - the amount is charged for each day in which the user has processed at least one order in the period from midnight to 7 am.
  • Approve - the amount is charged for each confirmed order.
  • Upsale - indicates the amount of the order with additional sales. Sales are calculated by the number of items in the order. The amounts are separated by commas for different number of orders. The last digit is used for any quantity greater than the specified quantity. For example, when setting lines 2,4,5 for the order of the 2 products would be charged $2, 3 product - $4, 4 or more products - $5.

Payment amounts are displayed in the Analytics of calls of the company or team for the selected period.

Call script

For the convenience of operators, the offer can be set script call. It can be specified product characteristics, possible configuration and any other useful information. The call script is set in the appropriate field in the offer settings. In the text, you can use the following construction to display the drop-down blocks:

[block="Headline"] Main text [/block]

Blocks can be nested within each other.

Magic order line

For the sake of additional convenience, a so-called "magic line" can be created for the offer. With its help, you can set a variety of ready-made configuration of goods, discounts, delivery types, and so on. The string is constructed in the settings of the offer in the "Handling code". It should consist of links that call the JavaScript function so with an array of order parameters. The following parameters can be passed to the function:

  • country - ISO-country code of delivery
  • currency - ID of the currency
  • base - basic cost of one unit
  • counts - number of units
  • discount - discount
  • delivery - type of delivery
  • delpr - shipping cost
  • more - mark-up or discount

An example of a code that will set the price of 1000R for one product, 1800 for two and 2400 for three, for delivery to Russia for 350 rubles.

<a href="#" onclick="return so({ country: 'ru', currency: 0, base: 1000, counts: 1, delpr: 350, more: 0 })">1</a>
<a href="#" onclick="return so({ country: 'ru', currency: 0, base: 900, counts: 2, delpr: 350, more: 0 })">2</a>
<a href="#" onclick="return so({ country: 'ru', currency: 0, base: 800, counts: 3, delpr: 350, more: 0 })">3</a>

Similarly, you can set kit prices in different currencies for different countries.