Start: cryptocurrencies and investments

Technical features and tips for launching AlterCPA in verticals: cryptocurrencies, exchanges, forex, investments.

The investment and finance vertical has a number of features that must be considered when starting:

  1. Offers are guided not so much by the customer's country of residence, but by their language. Features of working with sales funnels and offers are described in a separate guide.
  2. When a lead is sent, the user is registered in the broker's personal account. Therefore, all landing pages are created with autologin support.
  3. Processing a lead can take quite a long time, so statuses are checked not by the list of IDs, but by the range of dates. A low power server will not work.

Action plan

  1. Get a basic mid-range server and a full license for AlterCPA Pro. The server is best taken from the company Inferno, with precautions - Hetzner. A plan of $20-30 per month will suit you.
  2. You can use AlterCPA Cloud, but it's recommended to use "Standard" tariff because "Start" can fail on major status checks.
  3. Install AlterCPA using standard instructions. There are no special subtleties of installation.
  4. Take an additional server and set it up as a front server according to instructions. Buy the simple server from Inferno at minimum rate of $5. When working with AlterCPA Cloud, a front-server is required.
  5. Purchase and park an additional domain to the front server. It will host your site repository. Don't use the system domain, even if you're working as a team.
  6. Create advertisers and set up integrations with them. For general information about integrations, see "API Integration". You will need sections "Financial networks" and "Financial CRM". If there are no ready-made templates, you will need to manually configure the integration.
  7. Create a company named "Sump" with no integration settings. Use it by default in all offers. The settling company will serve as a repository for leads that for some reason were not sent to the advertiser.
  8. Create offers so that one offer fits one funnel. Specify the name of the funnel in the group parameter in the offer.
  9. When defining a funnel, special attention should be paid to languages. Quite often, one funnel is associated with one specific language, i.e. how many languages — so many funnels. But there may be exceptions when one funnel works simultaneously with several languages. All cases are individual, so it is extremely important to discuss with the advertiser what exactly a particular funnel is before starting work.
  10. When creating an offer, select the "Financial Offer" template to create the required additional and required fields.
  11. To work on the model of payment for a valid lead, specify the CPV model and the webmaster's hold in one day for the offer. This time is enough to check the validity and exclude false positives of postbacks with the subsequent cancellation of the lead.
  12. Add landings of your funnels to offers. Do not mix different funnels within one offer. The presence of landing pages in the repository is strictly required - they are used by the advertiser's call centers.
  13. If necessary, add prelandings to offers. If the same offers use the same set of prelandings, you can copy them by exporting the offer and partially importing it into a new offer.
  14. See documentation on traffic distribution. It is recommended to set up traffic distribution through rotators and simply add rotators to the offer. For incoming leads, it's better to use the rotator in "Bucket" mode.
  15. Create and customize caps for each advertiser and their offers. Agree in advance which leads will be taken into account in them. Use these caps when setting distribution. If there is no cap, just enter zero in the volume for it, you won’t have to change the distribution settings.
  16. Create separate rotators to distribute disapproved leads to other advertisers. This way you can avoid losing leads when the cap is exceeded on the advertiser's side, if it suddenly did not match your cap. It is important to avoid the formation of "rings" when automatically resending leads. There should always be an end point - a company whose canceled orders are not reshipped anywhere.
  17. In company settings, you can set the working hours. Outside of this time, the company stops all integrations. You can assign overnight leads to these companies and send them out automatically in the morning. Specify a limit of one lead per minute in the integration settings so as not to overload the provider.
  18. Many advertisers are picky about autologin. Enable the autologiner hack to simulate a link pass for overnight and bounced leads. Caution: you can catch sanctions from the advertiser for it.