Blocking lead duplicates

Duplicate incoming leads can be rejected automatically. By default, catching duplicates is disabled, you need to activate it in the advanced system settings and choose the optimal work model for you.

Classic blocking

The duplicate blocking mechanism prohibits the creation of a lead if there are other leads in the system according to the following criteria:

  • The offer matches (mandatory condition).
  • Leads received during the selected period.
  • Leads are in one of the selected statuses.
  • Leads have the same basic data: phone, email, name, source.

Duplicates catching is configured in the "Control - Settings - Advanced" section in the "Leads" block. The following settings are available to you:

  • Reject duplicates. Specifies in which statuses to check leads. You can check processing, trash and cancels. Statuses are checked from the point of view of the affiliate.
  • Check method. Specifies which matches to look for - mail, phone, both, or at least one of them. By default, only phones are checked.
  • Reject time. Specifies the number of days for which to look for matches. Zero - for the entire time of operation (not recommended). The default period is one day.
  • Reject only if source matches. Allows you to work with duplicates for each user separately. Checking this box is recommended, as users will have fewer questions.
  • Reject only if names match. Allows you to take into account not only the phone and email, but also the customer name in the order. If the name is different, the lead is not considered a duplicate.

Recommended safe configuration: block leads in processing by phone for the last 24 hours, taking into account the source of lead.

Session based blocking

When working with the built-in site storage, another blocking model is available to you - sessions. At the time of sending the lead, the user's browser receives a mark, which we call the session ID. All leads sent from the browser receive the same session ID. The session ID is tied to the browser and the domain parked to the storage.

The system can block leads that have the same session ID for the specified period. The period coincides with the classical settings. Session blocking works before classic blocking. Possible courses of action:

  • Don't reject duplicates according to session ID. The session ID is not parsed.
  • Reject duplicates if both offer and session ID match/strong>. The user will be able to send only one lead per offer in the repository. Convenient when working with upsells from the Thank you page or showcases
  • Reject duplicates if session ID match. The user will be able to send only one lead within the entire repository.

Setting inside the offer

You can set individual settings for catching duplicates within the offer. The setting is carried out through the offer parameters. If any of the parameters is not specified, its system value is used.

Available parameters:

  • dup-session - blocking by session:
    • 0 - do not block duplicates by session ID.
    • 1 - block if session and offer match.
    • 2 - block if session matches.
  • dup-status - blocking orders by status:
    • 0 - Ignore any duplicate leads.
    • 1 - Block duplicates in processing.
    • 2 - Block duplicates in processing and cancellation.
    • 3 - Block duplicates except cancels.
    • 4 - Block duplicates in any status.
    • 5 - Block duplicates in processing and trash.
    • 6 - Block duplicates in trash.
  • dup-method - method for checking duplicates:
    • 0 - Deny if phone number matches.
    • 1 - Deny if email matches.
    • 2 - Deny if phone and email match.
    • 3 - Deny if phone or email matches.
  • dup-time - check time, specified in days, integer.
  • dup-name - disable only if names match, 0 or 1.
  • dup-wm - take into account the source of the lead, 0 or 1.