Parameters can be used to change the behavior of an offer or fine-tune how it works. Their main task is to implement integration with third-party networks, but they have many useful applications hidden from prying eyes.

The main purpose

The parameters were created to simplify integration with other affiliate networks. They must store the IDs of offers, flows and products that need to be transferred to other CRMs. The fields are accessed by the code responsible for transferring orders and checking their statuses. This functionality is discussed in detail in the "Parameters in integration" section.

To find out which parameter is used in the integration, you can refer to the documentation: AlterCPA, partner networks, financial networks, classic CRM, financial CRM.

If the integration is done individually, you will not find it in the documentation. Go to "Control - Companies", click on "Integration" and take a look at the code and fields. In the list of fields look for lines like {ofp:xxx} and {ofpg:xxx} - in them xxx will be the name of the parameter. And the characters to the left - the name of the field in the target network, where this parameter will be transmitted. The preprocessing code may contain the construction $core->cpa->get( 'ofp', $o['offer_id'], 'xxx' ) with the same effect.

Hold for affiliate

The affiliate hold time for can be set not only for the entire offer, but also for specific users and teams. Specified as an integer. 0 disables hold.

  • hold-XXX - hold settings for user with ID XXX.
  • hold-gZZZ - hold settings for all team members with ID ZZZ.

Lead verification

You can enable additional data validation for incoming leads - phone and email verification. The parameter accepts any non-zero value, it is recommended to specify just 1. To disable, use the value 0.

  • checkphone - checks the phone for validity.
  • checkphone-XX - check phone validity only for country with ISO code XX.
  • checkemail - makes the email field required and checks if it's valid.
  • checkemail-XX - check email validity only for country with ISO code XX.
  • geophone - extract region and city from phone data (only if present in database).
  • no-search - prohibits search traffic to this offer.
  • filter-traffic - enables checking IP addresses using built-in traffic filters.

Duplicate blocking

Using these parameters, you can set individual settings for catching duplicates within the offer.

  • dup-session - blocking by session:
    • 0 - do not block duplicates by session ID.
    • 1 - block if session and offer match.
    • 2 - block if session matches.
  • dup-status - blocking orders by status:
    • 0 - Ignore any duplicate leads.
    • 1 - Block duplicates in processing.
    • 2 - Block duplicates in processing and cancellation.
    • 3 - Block duplicates except cancels.
    • 4 - Block duplicates in any status.
    • 5 - Block duplicates in processing and trash.
    • 6 - Block duplicates in trash.
  • dup-method - method for checking duplicates:
    • 0 - Deny if phone number matches.
    • 1 - Deny if email matches.
    • 2 - Deny if phone and email match.
    • 3 - Deny if phone or email matches.
  • dup-time - check time, specified in days, integer.
  • dup-name - disable only if names match, 0 or 1.
  • dup-wm - take into account the source of the lead, 0 or 1.

Referral program

Using these offer parameters, you can set special referral commissions both for the offer as a whole and for a specific user.

  • ref-cash - percent of the affiliate commission
  • ref-profit - percent of the network profit
  • ref-cashXXX - percent of the affiliate commission for the user with XXX ID
  • ref-profitXXX - percent of the network profit for the user with XXX ID

Bonus program

Using these parameters, you can set special bonus payments in the offer. Offer fee settings have a higher priority than system fees.

  • bonus-app - fixed amount per approve
  • bonus-cash - percentage of affiliate commission
  • bonus-profit - percentage of network profit