Verticals overview: nutra

Verticals overview: nutra

As part of this series of articles, we have already discussed gambling and crypto. The rubric is designed to help novice affiliate program creators understand the intricacies and peculiarities of creating such a specific business in different verticals. Nutra is an extremely interesting thing, and the affiliate network also works under special conditions. I think even guys with experience will get useful theses and thoughts from today’s material.

Searching advertisers

Nutra is a very rich vertical both in terms of advertisers and publishers. Well, for the money, of course. Where to get adverts and how to work with them to be in the black?

Dozens of companies sell the same product. All have their own call centers and logistics centers. Accordingly, some may have everything cool according to approved leads, but badly with the buy-out. For others, on the contrary, the call center is breathing its last, but the logistics work like clockwork, the goods are delivered quickly and the ranbuy-outsom is good. But most of them are all bad.

Therefore, the most daring, rich and successful work according to an interesting scheme:

  1. They connect +- adequate advertisers with different products.
  2. Collect data about which products perform well in which regions.
  3. They call their advertisers’ call centers to pick up their scripts.
  4. Create their own call center or outsource someone else’s.
  5. Purchase popular products.
  6. They set up small warehouses in regions with the best buy-out.
  7. Become their own advertiser.
  8. They сatch traffic only in the most profitable regions, leaving other regions to the old advertisers.
  9. Profit.

The scheme is relatively simple, but requires energy and some (lots) money to implement. But in the end, it turns out to close on itself all the best offers and the best regions. And then you can at least raise the stakes in order to attract more affiliates, at least go to choose new Gelenvagen. Optional.

There is another interesting option. For those who do not disdain shave. I don’t recommend it myself, but I have to tell you. An offer is taken for resale in another affiliate network and a shave is set at a conditional 5%. This will be the net profit of the affiliate program. By the way, a lot of people do this. And how to shave correctly I have an article .

Searching publishers

Classic methods of B2B business promotion work with affiliate programs in the nutra, and in any vertical. The most adequate, efficient, scalable and proven over the years option is content marketing. About this already I wrote in detail here. Don’t forget to check it if the publishers are needed.

In short: reviews, cases, natives, interviews and all sorts of things through which people can learn about the affiliate program for their benefit. If the support department is strong, then targeting can also be launched. Raking up newcomers who do not know what pre-landing is is a long and nerve-wracking process. So: either upgrade support, or work with quality traffic through content marketing.

The main problem of nutra networks

Nurta is the homeland of fraud. Probably, this vertical has seen more fraud schemes than any other. So it is important to have a whole analytics department in the affiliate program. The number of carcasses depends on the amount of traffic you receive.

Each affiliate needs to be monitored in live mode. The buy-out is bad – we close the offer to the affiliate, and maybe all our offers. It is not necessary to figure out whether it is fraudulent or bad traffic, it still does not pay off. The advertiser does not have extra money for such, which means that the affiliate network does not have them either. And the affiliate will ask for payment sooner or later.

The same if the approval is too high. You can first put the affiliate on the stop and wait for the buy-out. But usually in such cases there is only one reason: the buyer posted on the Craiglist the task of confirming the order. Many parcels will leave, and the buy-out will be zero. I also told you how to catch a fraudster .

Technical part

Nutra uses quite complex technical environment. Lead statuses, statuses from call centers, management and rotation of landing pages. And on the affiliate side, there are still pre-landers, cloaking and postbacks, from which arbitrageurs arrange mass suicide every Friday.

So you will need:

  • Strong affiliate engine, focused on working with the nutra. This also requires CRM and a tracker. I’ll subtly hint that all such things are in AlterCPA – my solution for affiliate programs, which was originally built for nutra and copes with tasks in such a way that many competitors greedily sniff from behind.
  • Techies in the support department who will save the publisher from suicide because of unfamiliar macros in the postback. Yes, you also need to know how to download a preland, and not every buyer can handle this. That’s two buttons to press, too hard.


So, what does a nutra network need to be successful:

  1. Create your advertiser for top products and regions.
  2. Attract high quality affiliates. I highly recommend content marketing.
  3. Build an analytics department to cut off fraudsters and those who drive low-quality traffic.
  4. Integrate strong technical solutions for yourself so that offers open and servers do not fall. Well, good CRM is required too, you can hang yourself without it.
  5. Put techies into support who will help the affiliate work normally.

If all five points are available, then the chances of surviving and reaching a good profit for such an affiliate network are extremely high!