Content marketing for affiliate network

Content marketing for affiliate network

I’ll note right away that content marketing works great not only for affiliate programs, but for any business that works on B2B. If we talk about the arbitrage market, then these are affiliate programs, advertising networks, any services. The arbitrator is a business unit. And you need to catch it in your networks using B2B methods.

What is content marketing

Conventional advertising tells a person: “Look what a product! Beautiful, profitable, just a dream”. Content marketing is much more subtle, more elegant. First, we give a person interesting content that is useful to him or at least interesting. And already inside this content, with varying degrees of sophistication, we talk about the product.

What is content marketing in traffic arbitrage

Of course, our industry is specific. But not as much as it might seem. And traffic arbitrage as a niche has been around for quite a few years, and during this time, companies in this market have managed to test working strategies.

I already hear: “So what are the strategies, Reznik? Let’s get down to business!” Yes, let’s start.

Standard Approach

With the standard approach, an affiliate network or another company places content on a paid basis in the media, Telegram channel, Instagram profile, or anywhere else where the target audience is gathered.

In the case of arbitration, the following types of content are commonly used:

  • Overview. It is important that it is not advertising. It is necessary to objectively, impartially show what the business can give to the client. Are there disadvantages? We also speak honestly. This inspires confidence. And the audience feels deliberate advertising a mile away. Your audience is the publisher. Do you seriously think that they will not understand where the order is? Purely laudatory reviews are more likely to work out in the negative, so it’s better not to publish anything than this.
  • Case. It works both for an affiliate program and for a service or an advertising network. A story is written in which someone made money using your business. It is important that the case is based on real data. I would like, of course, to come up with something like that, which was not. But respect your audience and potential customers.
  • Native. One of the most interesting formats. A useful article is being written. For example: “Why is it profitable to work with essay-offers in September.” Such material is released in August – inside content on the topic and the mention of an affiliate program that offers cool offers. To work with natives at a distance, you need to be able to coolly generate ideas for content;
  • Interview. As a business owner, you are being interviewed. It is important that it has a meaning and something to say to the audience. The business itself does not need much PR, a mention is enough. If you show your knowledge in the field, arouse interest and respect in the audience for your personality, these emotions will be transferred to the company.

Guerrilla content marketing

Very interesting and subtle. It consists in the fact that the creator of the business has a personal blog, which develops through the free placement of useful content on third-party sites. There are no ads in the content and usually no mention of the name of this business. But there is a link to the blog.

And sales are made just inside the blog of an interested audience. Here it is important to accurately choose the topic of the blog itself, so that the content catches the right people and converts them into subscribers, who can then be converted into customers.

I can recommend a friend with experience in promoting affiliate programs and services through content marketing, who helps me with the blog. He can be consulted. I’m sure Andrew would love a couple of free tips. Just write that you are from Reznik.

Conclusion: which content marketing to choose?

All. Ideally, work on two strategies at once. If there is little money, use only the guerrilla option, this is also ok, but longer. But cheap.

The main thing I want to convey is that if you have a beginner or medium-sized business in arbitration, there is no strong support team that is ready to process a low-quality audience with a low average bill, then you don’t need to spend money, time, nerves of your employees (your own too) on targeting, purchase of banners, branding and sponsorship. Invest in content. He will work for you forever. And extremely effective.