Verticals overview: gambling

Verticals overview: gambling

If someone thinks that an affiliate program in gambling is at least somewhat similar to an affiliate program in shopping or sweepstakes, you are greatly mistaken. These are radically different businesses, different partners, different problems. Let’s take a look at how to search for offers and attract affiliates.

Usually affiliate networks are created by people who already have some personal experience in traffic arbitrage and understand a certain vertical. Accordingly, an affiliate program is deployed in the niche where there are acquaintances and reputation. But often business is created by people with minimal knowledge in arbitration or those who cook in several verticals at once. How do they decide on a niche for their future business? In this series of articles, we will deal with the features of each vertical for creating an affiliate network.

Searching offers

It is easiest to search for offers in gambling. Almost every casino on the site has a “Partnership” section where you can quickly find the right contact for interaction:

But one of the problems for gambling affiliate networks grows from here. If the contact of a direct advertiser is so easy to get, then why should affiliates pay a commission to an affiliate program? We will talk about this in one of the following blocks.

How to understand which offers to connect in the first place? There are several approaches:

  • Create accounts with competitors and ask managers what offers they recommend. This should be done for each GEO. Affiliate managers always give offers that convert relatively well and at the same time allow you to take a good commission.
  • Pay attention to what offers are requested by new customers.
  • Monitor chats to understand what offers are currently popular.
  • Attend conferences. This is an unlimited source of useful contacts that significantly help in creating and growing a business. But you should be careful, as there are many new advertisers at the conferences, the reliability of which cannot be guaranteed. It is very dangerous to work with RevShare beginners.

There are a lot of betrayals from advertisers. It is advisable to have good contact with colleagues and ask their opinion on new found advertisements. You also need to check the blacklists of advertisers.

Searching publishers

This moment is also solved quite simply in gambling due to the fact that the vertical is very popular, especially among beginners. Medium and large players work either with direct advertisers or with affiliate programs that can offer high rates. Therefore, an affiliate network that wants to focus on teams needs to immediately think about how they can give rates no worse than the advertiser offers. There are a couple of approaches here:

  1. Show good quality on small volumes and negotiate above-market rates when volume increases.
  2. Set the budget for work in the red. Give the best conditions to the teams. In this way, you can feed both teams and advertisers who receive large volumes of quality traffic. Due to these factors, you can get new conditions for advertising. However, this is a risky approach and only affiliate programs with a large amount of available investment in the project can afford it.

However, beginners can also generate good profits. To do this, you need to provide them with quality infrastructure and help in growth. You will need:

  • Competent support and affiliate managers. Among them should be people with experience in arbitration to answer the questions that constantly arise.
  • There are a lot of employees both in the support department and among affiliate managers. Newbies have a lot of questions and problems. Accordingly, they will load employees who should provide quick, specific and useful answers.
  • Own knowledge base, training for partners. Either free or cheap with quality above cost. But I advise you to make it free: this approach pays off tenfold.

Also, to search for affiliates with any amount of traffic, the affiliate program needs to issue free applications or domains for PWA. This is the norm for the market.

The aspect can only be neglected either by old affiliate networks with a large customer base, or affiliate programs with exclusive fresh offers, which will be flooded even if the support sends affiliates to f-k themselves.

Technically, affiliate search is the same across all verticals. But I will say it in every article. Ways:

  • Spam in chats, in PM. Sounds terrible, but it works. I’m in shock.
  • Content Marketing. Long but most efficient way. An affiliate program that provides useful and interesting content buys attention and positive emotions. When will this person come and work? Maybe immediately, maybe in a year. But he will definitely either come himself or recommend to friends. It’s a way to build a reputation that will bring customers for eternity.
  • Branding, launching targeting, advertising in thematic Telegram channels.

The profit of an affiliate program for affiliates and advertisers

In order for an affiliate network to be successful, it must be useful to those parts of the market that it unites. That is, both advertisers and affiliates. If both those and those are pleased to work with the company, everything will be fine with it.

Advertisers need:

  • High volumes of traffic.
  • Traffic quality.

That’s all. If the affiliate network can provide these two points, you can very much bend the ad according to the conditions. The volume is decided by the search for arbitrageurs, as we talked about above. And to maintain quality, you need your own analytics. In my blog, I already said: How to find fraudsters in an affiliate program.

Arbitrators need:

  • Payment guarantee. This is the most important value of the partnership. Because of this factor, even large teams are working with affiliate networks, while can easily contact the advertiser directly. If the publisher flooded the traffic honestly and the ad refuses to pay for this traffic for any reason, the affiliate is obliged to pay. Otherwise, its value is purely decorative and it has no right to take a commission above 2%. Despite the fact that affiliate programs usually set their margin around 30%.
  • A large selection of interesting offers for different GEOs and traffic sources.
  • Infrastructure.
  • Quick and professional support, affiliate managers.

The publisher, working with the affiliate program, should feel comfortable and safe. Then he will always work with it.


Gambling is a very good vertical for creating an affiliate program with high margins. Yes, there is high competition, but there are also many advertisers, affiliates, and every day there are more and more of them. The niche has already been promoted and the affiliate network does not need to look for people and convince them to fill in gambling: they are ready just right now.

In gambling, it is extremely important for an affiliate network to act as a guarantor. It is equally important to maintain a cosmically high level of service in order to take a significant market share.