Verticals overview: crypto

Verticals overview: crypto

In the previous part of this series, we talked about launching our affiliate program in the gambling vertical, you can read it here. Today we will plunge into a completely different industry – crypto. There are a lot of features for creating an affiliate network in this niche. But, like gamble, crypto is an extremely monetary vertical and any mother moneymaker can envy the income of even medium-sized affiliate programs.

Advertiser partnerships

Unlike gambling, where you can usually get direct advertising contact directly on the official website, advertisers in the cryptocurrency niche are much more mysterious.

Advertisers can be found in several ways:

  • Arbitrage chats.
  • Conferences. This is the best option for networking, which allows you to find both adverts and publishers.
  • Spy method to take contacts of direct adverts from competitors’ offers by analyzing the information pulled from the autologin link. How to do this I already posted in my blog. That is, you can connect to any cryptocurrency affiliate program as an affiliate and get the contacts of their direct advertiser. You can do everything if you try.

With advertising in the crypto, you should always try to negotiate an advance payment and conclude contracts that have legal force. Not all advertisers will agree, but here success depends on negotiating skills. All the terms of such agreements should be checked together with a lawyer; there you can often find surprises in the spirit of a fine of tens of thousands of dollars for interrupting cooperation.

If you do not sign an agreement and do not receive an advance payment for traffic, you can fly into a cash gap and go broke beautifully. The script is extremely popular. Advert can simply run away, or because of his internal problems, delay the payment both for a week and for several months.

The prevalence of such a scenario implies an ironclad need to have a financial cushion in case of a cash gap. You must always pay web sites on time, otherwise you simply won’t have them left.

There is one useful method to assess the potential of an offer in terms of conversion. An advertiser for each country must have a separate CC or a pool of managers who work only with this GEO. If leads from all English-speaking countries from Australia to Canada are processed by the same people, there will be no high conversion. Each country has its own specifics, its own payments – managers must be trained for this. So, first of all, connect local brokers or those who understand this specifics of building work inside a call center.

Technical part

Creating your crypto affiliate network, it is important to find a competent specialist. No one is working with direct links with UTM tags or subs. The API is used, according to which the user data goes to the broker, on his side for a split second (in the broker’s wet dreams), an account is created and the user is automatically logged into it.

Working with gambling, often if the technician fell off, information can be restored by using the detective skills. In the crypto, if the API interface fails, the user simply will not get into the personal account. Such leads must be preserved in their base and sent later, at the time of the restoration of the broker API. These algorithms have long been implemented in Altercpa.


It’s quire few fraud in crypto. It almost doesn’t exist in CPA offers, because it’s hard tosimulate the behavior of a real user – one to five times to call an employee of the call-center, which means sitting next to the phone for a couple of weeks. It is hard to scale.

On CPL you can send cheap low-quality traffic. Therefore, such offers should be issued only to proven affiliates, which showed that they are able to work well with CPA offers.

Searching publishers

The publisher search process is approximately the same in all verticals. I previously wrote in detail about this . Here we repeat it shorter:

  • Spam in chats, in PM. Sounds terrible, but it works. I’m still in shock.
  • Content Marketing. Long but most efficient way. An affiliate program that provides useful and interesting content buys attention and positive emotions. When will this person come and work? Maybe immediately, maybe in a year. But he will definitely either come himself or recommend to friends. It’s a way to build a reputation that will bring customers for eternity.
  • Branding, launching targeting, advertising in thematic Telegram channels.


Crypto affiliate network should follow these critical guidelines:

  • Be able to look for good advertisers.
  • Be able to look for good publishers (this is equally relevant for all verticals).
  • A strong technical support team and strong technicians for internal tasks.
  • A large financial pillow of safety, since due to the long period of the transaction, advertisers often delay payments.

Crypto is not the simplest niche to create affiliate network. But one of the most profitable. So it makes sense to try.