How to find a crypto-advertising contact by autologin link

How to find a crypto-advertising contact by autologin link

The cryptocurrency vertical is one of the most difficult in terms of finding direct advertiser. Solo arbitrageurs usually do not need this. But for large teams and, especially, affiliate programs, it is vital. In addition, having contacts of advertisers, anyone can create their own resell affiliate program in one day.

Of course, the best way, effective at all times, is conferences, chats, acquaintances and all this social capital. But there is another way to find the right contact. Faster, simpler and more specific. Though not as reliable as a bottle of McAllen co-drinking. We will use the autologin link.

What is an autologin link

This is a link that automatically authorizes the user from the broker. It looks like an incomprehensible wild character set after the domain. For example:

We need to pull the domain. This is the first and most important step that will allow you to find the cherished contact.

Looking for the right domain

First of all, we need to register in the affiliate program, where there is an offer of interest to us. Get a link and follow it.

Next, some simple technical magic. I will show on the example of Firefox, but it will work in any browser.

Press F12 and get into the “Inspector”. There we are interested in the “Network” tab:

Here on the right there is a gear that leads to the settings. Click and select “Persist Logs”:

Now we fill out the registration form and send it to a brighter future. We are interested in what addresses it will fly to.

Next, you need to return to the “Inspector”, to the “Network” tab and select the “HTML” filtering:

The set of domains can be different. Everything can go to 1 domain, or maybe 10. For each domain, you can see more detailed information:

The request format: “POST” or “GET” is not particularly important. More often, the autologin link works through “GET”, but exceptions occur regularly.

You need to look so that after the domain there is a set of incomprehensible characters, then 90% that the autologin link is found:

Processing the found domain

So, the necessary link is found in the previous block. If there is a subdomain, it must be removed. We pass on the received link. Is this a broker site? Success!

If there is no site, you need to google the domain, find mentions and there will be a broker for them.

Even if there is nothing at all – it does not matter. You can go to the WHOIS page of your favorite domain registrar. By domain, you can quickly find the contacts of the domain owner or a link to send a letter. This is also a contact that either belongs to the decision maker or will help to reach him.

Most often, the broker’s website will open by domain. You need to find contacts on it. You can also enter a domain via Pentest-Tools and see all subdomains , which are. Often on some subdomain there will be information for partners. Direct contacts or form. This is the most ideal option.


When looking for direct advertising contacts, all methods are good. My method allows you to find the right contact with a huge degree of success. But can you interest the advertiser and start cooperating with him? It depends on who you are, what and how you write and what you offer.