Hacks: save $50k at the start of affiliate program

Hacks: save $50k at the start of affiliate program

At all times, there were two ways to get an engine for your affiliate program: develop it yourself or take a ready-made boxed solution in the spirit of AlterCPA Pro. Own development costs well for $50,000 and takes about six months. But it gives flexibility and the ability to integrate any functionality that the soul desires. A boxed solution is dozens of times cheaper, but you have to be content with what the developers of this boxed solution allow you to have.

But now that balance has been upset. Because AlterCPA got the hacks section!

What’s the hack?!

What are these hacks of ours and how did they kill the need for in-house development? Hacks is the author’s name for modules that can be attached to the base engine and get any, in general, any desired functionality. They are named so, because Anton Reznik considers his creation to be perfect, and any interference with perfection is hacking. The hacks documentation contains the syntax and all the information on how to properly code your functionality.

As a result, you can take a ready-made engine as a basis and put one programmer to finish the affiliate program according to your unique vision. Or you can hire a freelancer. Costs for development are falling fiercely, for $5000 you can get lifetime license for a boxed solution and for about another $2000-3000 you can do everything that dreamed. In terms of time – less than a month, more than six times faster than sawing the engine from scratch. And do not forget: while you are working on your functionality, Reznik is working on something new for AlterCPA!

The design, style and appearance of the affiliate program is also not tied to ready-made options. You can order whatever your heart desires from designers, upload it to the system and the affiliate program will immediately change. True, you have to overcome yourself and read this damn redesign documentation.

But let’s get back to the hacks and see how they work on a specific example.

Sharing applications inside the affiliate program using AlterCPA hacks

Let’s say we have a gambling affiliate network and we want an arbitrator to be able to rummage through the account for our applications in their personal account. I have already implemented such a module, which is available to all clients to work with TD Apps. By analogy, you can do anything, but for now I will talk about our example.

Here is a list of files that can be implemented to make the hack work:

A lot of code is needed and non-programmers will understand little now. This piece makes it possible to pull out available applications and send requests with cabinets to the ball:

And here is a database with a list of requests for sharing:

This code renders a page in the affiliate program, where affiliates can share apps:

And this is how the page will look like:

The appearance and style of the page will be the same as in the entire affiliate program. You can choose from the standard ones, you can make your own, I already mentioned this above.

How to use hacks?

Now there are several system hacks that are available to everyone:

Moreover, you can download the entire source code of the hacks to get a concrete example of how the modules are created. It will be easier for a programmer to write his own hack.

The modules created on your side can be shared with all users of the platform, or you can close and leave only to yourself.

Here are some ideas for your own hacks:

I will repeat once again. Anything can be implemented. In general, everything. Just like with a self-written engine.

What is a self-written engine for?

If everything is so colorful, then why do people invest tens of thousands of dollars in their own development?

Because only now a clear way has appeared how to make the product that is needed in a particular case from a ready-made solution. Self-written engines were made for the sake of flexibility. But now it is also available in a boxed solution.


Of course, to create hacks, you need to pay a programmer. But building on any of your dreams on a ready-made base is incommensurably cheaper than a complete development from scratch. Previously, it was possible to justify the huge costs of a self-written engine that gave flexibility and any necessary functionality. Now the need has disappeared a little more than completely.

When we need to do bookkeeping, we just open Excel instead of hiring a team of programmers who will write software for us from scratch. With partners, everything is exactly the same.