Integration with ZaleyCash

Integration with ZaleyCash

The ZaleyCash service allows you to top up your balance in advertising accounts from FB and Google to your favorite teaser nets. But most importantly, affiliate networks can top up the webmaster’s account through the usual withdrawal mechanism. Inside AlterCPA, you can do this automatically – the affiliate orders a withdrawal and the money itself appears in his account in ZaleyCash.

How to start?

  1. Go to ZaleyCash and register a user account.
  2. Contact support, tell that you are from AlterCPA and want to connect an affiliate network.
  3. You will be transferred to a personal manager who will help you get API keys and set up your account in ZaleyCash for affiliate work.
  4. Agree on the details and replenish your internal balance of your personal account.

How to set it up?

  1. Go to the “Control – Settings – Datasets” section and select the “Withdrawal methods” item. Or, in the “Business – Withdraw” section, select “Settings”.
  2. Create a new withdrawal method named ZaleyCash and currency USD. The minimum amount is 1, there is no maximum amount and commission.
  3. Make sure your users are allowed to choose withdrawal methods and create multiple wallets. In the “Control – Settings – Finance” section, there should be a checkmark “User can specify multiple wallets or withdrawal methods”.
  4. Go to the “Control – Hacks” section. If you have not used the hacks before, click on the “Activate” button.
  5. Search for a hack called zaleycash and click install. Once installed, click “Settings”.
  6. Set the secret API key received from the personal manager. Select the payment method created in paragraph 2. Check the “Active” box.
  7. Settings completed. After replenishing your personal account with the required amount, click “Enable” at the zaleycash hack, and everything will work.

How does it work on the affiliate’s side?

  1. The webmaster adds a new withdrawal method with the type ZaleyCash.
  2. The wallet is the email of the user with whom he is registered in ZaleyCash.
  3. After moderation of the wallet by the network administrator, the webmaster orders the withdraw.
  4. Within 10 minutes, the payment is confirmed and the required amount is received on the webmaster’s wallet at ZaleyCash. Sometimes with a bonus.
  5. In case of problems with your account or wallet, the withdraw will be canceled automatically.