Application rental with TD Apps

Application rental with TD Apps

We are implementing full support for rental applications from the TD Apps vendor directly to the AlterCPA personal account. The kit includes integration with the rental service itself, ready-made naming, adding applications to your advertising account, and optimization.

What is TD Apps?

This is an application rental service from the largest arbitration team in the CIS. Before starting work, you need to contact them via Telegram: @td_soft – and agree on all the conditions. Usually, payment for applications is carried out for the install. You can order exclusive applications for your network that are not available to other users of the service.

TD Apps service representatives will create a special support chat for you and launch a bot into it, with which you can connect applications and arrange a lease. Also, you will be provided with an API key, which will be required in the future.

Preparing tracking link

You must give the representatives of the service a tracking link to which the traffic is directed. On the AlterCPA side, it is tied to threads. Your link will look like this:{sub2}?utm_source={sub3}&utm_content={sub4}&utm_campaign={sub5}&utm_term={sub6}&utm_medium={sub7}&subid={sub8}&sub1={ad_id}&sub2={deviceID}&sub3={app_id}

Replace with your tracking domain. It is recommended to park a separate domain for working with applications and in no case use the system domain for this purpose.

Preparing offer

In the “Offer technical settings” section, specify the following parameters:

  • Uncheck “Create leads via API”
  • In the “Link and code” parameter, set “Show only the character code of the stream”

Specify the following postbacks in the “Postbacks for optimization” section. The rentname is replaced by your username in the service. Sample postbacks will be provided to you.

Status “Waiting”{sub3}&a={sub1}&d={sub2}&e=reg&w=rentname

Status “Approved”{sub3}&a={sub1}&d={sub2}&e=dep&c={payout}&w=rentname

Preparing naming

Naming is specified in the settings of sites added to the offer. To set up, check the example with the service specialists. From the example, replace yourcode with a unique naming identifier. When working with push, specify the ID to use in place of rentname.

Your naming will look like this:


With push support:


Setting up rental module

Go to the “Control – Modules and Hacks” section, find the module called tdapps there. Click “Install”. Go to the “Settings” section and enter the following data there:

  • API key received from TD Apps representatives.
  • The title of the section to be used online, in two languages.
  • Location of the section button – in the traffic menu or at the bottom of the main menu.

Save and click “Enable” in the list of modules. The rental is ready to go.

The algorithm of the affiliate

From the user’s point of view, the workflow is as follows:

  1. Go to the rental section of applications and select the ones suitable for work.
  2. Submit a request to add the application to your advertising accounts. Cabinet IDs are specified one per line.
  3. Wait for application approval. This usually takes several minutes. The status of all applications is shown on the application rental page.
  4. Create a flow for the selected offer and set up a suitable landing page and tags.
  5. Copy the character code shown in the flow settings and use it as the naming for the ad campaign.

All UTM tags specified in the naming will be transferred to the application and taken into account in the flow.