AlterCPA Pro v.29

AlterCPA Pro v.29

Have you managed to lose weight for the summer? So I didn’t have time, because all spring I have been creating for you the magnificent AlterCPA Pro v.29 with huge improvements! In this issue: boxes, a micro-cloak in streams, a mega-cloak in splits, domain statistics, new hacks and a dozen fat “little things” that didn’t even think of losing weight by the summer.

Traffic distribution

After years of work, I finally found the perfect solution for simple traffic distribution. Visual, understandable to the average user and able to replace our powerful scripts. I have trouble with fantasy, so the name of the solution is “Boxes”.

How does THIS work:

  • The box is linked to the offer in place of the default company. It can work both at the entrance and when canceling an order or moving from a call center to logistics;
  • Inside, the box is divided into several layers by priority. Within each layer, leads will spread evenly among the companies available there – no more playing with probabilities;
  • Mouthguards are built right into the box, immediately with both quantity and volume control and a smart three-point setting;
  • Boxes are able to send leads to all available recipients until the first success, with the issuance of an autologin link. Hooray, now we can also be stupid for a minute, trying to shove a lead to brake brokers!
  • You have been deprived of the opportunity to become the Lord of the Rings: the cancellation script will no longer be able to loop traffic between companies and forever drive the same lead through all the circles of hell;
  • You can connect offers directly from the box – you specify the list, press one button and the box is already set for all the necessary offers, without fussing with setting each of them;
  • The icing on the cake: the box allows you to set the CPA/CPL work model and payout amounts right inside, without any additional settings in the offer! This allows you to implement a payment model in installments – the first hundred leads by CPL and further by CPA.

I am grateful to all the networks that supported the release of this major update both financially and with incredible moral support – beta testing at your own risk!

Flows for affiliate

The most important section for a media buyer has become even more convenient and functional. Finally, full-fledged documentation has appeared on it, and nice buns will soon leave ordinary trackers out of work:

  • Pixel settings checkboxes for trackers have appeared in the download of ready-made archives. You can use pixel shorthand without JS, which will make the fills safer. You can also remove the pixels from the site itself, leaving them only on the Thank you page, or not add the pixel code at all;
  • The flow settings have been expanded with built-in traffic filtering mechanisms. You can send bots, suspicious individuals and visits with the wrong geo to the error page or trafficback by simply checking the necessary checkboxes;
  • If there are few built-in mechanisms, you can connect a full-fledged campaign to the stream from the “Traffic Filters” section. All filtering mechanisms are available here: from selecting geography and device types, to fine-tuning URL blacklists;
  • Trafficback received different options for working. This can be a redirect with a 301/302 status and an intermediate page, an iframe with a specified link, or content via a link, including replacing all paths to resources.

Do you know what all this gives? A micro-cesspool built into the streams, available on any network on AlterCPA! Throw white somewhere on the left hosting, turn on all the filters, put a link to white and the “content with base substitution” method, glue the domain for beauty – and you’re done!

Split tests

If the cloak appeared in flows appeared in a mini format, then in split tests it turned to the maximum. The flexibility of split settings is now the same as for full-fledged traffic filter campaigns:

  • The split test variant can be directly connected to a traffic filtering campaign and trained to play the role of a black or white site. In this case, the campaign will keep all records of hits, even if the split option refers to a third-party resource;
  • In order not to mess with campaigns, you can set up all the necessary filtering inside the variant. Checking the headers and IP address was supplemented by checking the visitor’s language and filtering URLs through black and white lists;
  • Trafficback settings from streams appeared inside the split as well. They can be applied not only to the overall trafficback of the entire test, but also to any variant that uses a direct link instead of a stream or site;

How to cloak through split tests – read on my blog! For a weekly test, the cloud version of AlterCPA Cloud will be enough for you for only $35.


Once again, I sat down at the statistics section and rewrote all the internal mechanisms of work. This may seem like a small thing to you. But in fact, a trifle is millions of clicks for your server. After all, the new optimization works wonders and gives a strong boost to endurance:

  • The domain on which the click was made or the lead was left is added to the statistics fields. It works on the same principle as UTM tags: added to hierarchical reports and filters in flat reports;
  • There are new “technical” labels – sub1sub5. They are useless for grouping statistics, but useful for integrating with trackers and forwarding additional tags for optimization. Especially useful when working with applications;
  • All tracking tags now support up to 255 characters in length. No more limits on 32 characters in subid or 64 characters in uuid. Without sacrificing performance, of course.

Now you know why you had to endure that long March database update for ten whole minutes of brakes. Agree, it was worth it!

Hack updates

Anyone can create their own hack (improvement) for AlterCPA. I’m just showing an example and implementing the most requested open source system hacks. So that everyone has access to examples and subtleties of the development process:

  • The autologin simulator autologiner has got built-in proxy and logging settings. You can set the data for accessing the proxy and the address reset link, both general and in the parameters of each offer with reference to the geo.
  • The new hack hideout allows you to hide any system partitions from the desired user. Removes them from menus and navigation tiles. With it, you can create roles that are convenient for you, for example, a site customizer for offers.

Relatively minor improvements

Against the backdrop of giant improvements, these innovations will seem like a trifle, but every little thing saves you a lot of time:

  • An alternative API for checking the status of leads for financial networks. It will nicely show the status for CPA and CPL, display the availability and date of the first deposit, and will not interfere with strange fields typical for other verticals; li>
  • A backup channel for receiving API leads from the webmaster. Now each landing page in the site repository can accept a request to send a lead and save it in the queue. Any network failure or forgotten license renewal will not deprive you of traffic;
  • Required fields for approving in the call center. Depending on the offer, everything from the delivery address to the availability of goods in the warehouse can be required;
  • Prohibition of exporting orders in the call center. Minor security improvement that disables the button for quickly exporting orders for the entire company;
  • Reason for cancellation by timer. Finally, it will make it possible to separate trash call center cancellations from forgotten CPL leads and eliminate accidental debits;
  • Several team leaders. The administrator can add several leaders to the arbitration team with the same access rights to affiliate statistics;
  • Sorting items in datasets. It turned out that it was created from the very beginning, I just forgot to format it. Now you will not have problems with the placement of categories and arbitrary links in the right order;
  • Settings for user registration. You can allow working with the API directly during registration, as well as assign a random manager from the list. If the manager leaves, his webs can be distributed to others through the utility;
  • Utilities for mass work with offers and websites. The offers utility got a fad with the addition of a new deduction. The sites utility just appeared – it is similar to the offers utility and simplifies the work with parameters and access lists;
  • Simplified loading of simple site archives for administrators. Archives with a folder within a folder and an incorrect main file name are fixed on the fly. The blocking code for resubmitting the form and international phone input is inserted by itself with a couple of checkmarks.

That’s all for now. Something is missing? Share your opinion in private!