The trafficback mechanism allows you to redirect traffic that does not fit in geography to another stream, offer or third-party site.

How to setup?

Trafficback is configured within the flow. The trafficback field is located below the landing page selection, link shortening and redirect domain selection. Specified as a full link with https:// at the beginning and a complete set of all the necessary parameters. Supports some macros.

If you don't see the trafficback field, there are two options:

  • The offer works for the whole world, so it supports all countries and geo errors are basically impossible.
  • It is forbidden to add trafficback to the offer. You can request trafback permission from your personal manager.

You can also work with traffic back inside split tests. Trafficback is specified in the settings and supports the same macros as trafficback in the stream.

Macros in link

You can add some parameters from the origin request to the link.

  • {geo} - ISO code of the visitor's country.
  • {host} - the domain where the site or flow was opened.
  • {flow} - flow ID.
  • {utms} - utm_source tag.
  • {utmc} - utm_campaign tag.
  • {utmn} - utm_content tag.
  • {utmt} - utm_term tag.
  • {utmm} - utm_medium tag.
  • {subid} - subid parameter from the request.
  • {uuid} - uuid parameter from the request.
  • {uid} - unique click ID from fbclid, gclid, adclid, uid or unique_id.

Note to administrator

These subtleties will be useful to the owners of networks based on AlterCPA. You, as a webmaster, can send this note to your manager so that he can set up the necessary options for you.

  1. You can make generic trafficbacks for TDS and redirect sites. They are configured within these sites and are used if the user has not set their own trafficback.
  2. You can disable using of trafficbacks with the offer. To do this, go to the "Control - Offers" section, find the desired offer, click "Settings" and scroll down to the "Technical Capabilities" section. Uncheck "Work with trafficback".
  3. You can allow certain users to add trafficbacks even in those offers where they are prohibited by the previous paragraph. To do this, go to the "Control - People" section, find the desired user and click "Edit". In the "Access to the site" section, check the box "Always can use trafficback".