AlterCPA Pro v.27

AlterCPA Pro v.27

While you were distracted by interesting articles in my blog, I silently brought AlterCPA Pro to the 27th version! In this issue: hacks, applications, advertising networks, two -factor authentication and a pack of useful little things.

Let’s start with the main thing – hacks! So much effort has been invested, so much time has been spent, but you still don’t understand what kind of pokemon it is? Here are the extension modules for AlterCPA! You have been asking me for several years how you can add your own functions to the system. Here you go, ready toolkit.

  • Your upgrades can be made into ready-made packages, which are called hacks. Why hacks? As a creator, I consider AlterCPA to be the pinnacle of excellence – everything about it is perfect. So any attempt to change something is hacking.
  • You can use my own hacks, create your own and share them with other users. Everything is updated automatically.
  • All the hacks I’ve created are open source! Check, explore pre-made samples, and dive into developer documentation.
  • The system has a complete set of tools for creating your own hack or modifying existing ones. Code editor, file upload, styles and templates.
  • Within the hacks you can work with modules, libraries, routing, languages, datasets, delivery services, advertising networks, API, scheduler, design, templates, you can change almost everything. Combined with design tools – absolutely everything.

It’s time to please fans of gambling and betting. I perfected integration with applications. Here’s what’s in the new package:

  • Have you seen the character code in the flow settings? Now you can use the full-featured naming template for it. Naming is configured at the site level and can substitute any necessary tags. Copy, paste into the name of the advertising campaign, start the traffic.
  • Offers got super-global postbacks. They are perfect for working with application optimization. You can set them both for the offer as a whole and for each of its goals separately.
  • To make postbacks less bored, five full-size tags have been added for optimization. They took the places in sub1-sub5. You can’t collect statistics on them, but they are ideal for visit ID, application ID, platform ID and other large identifiers.
  • Finally, the icing on the cake is a hack to integrate with the TD Apps rental service. With its help, it will be possible to connect applications from TD directly to the system interface and rent the advertising cabinets there. Here are the instructions.

Advertising spending analytics is updated with new modules. Have you tried downloading expenses from Facebook through Dolphin yet? It’s time to add FBtool as well – both favorite tools of affiliates are now sharing costs statistics with AlterCPA. Teaser networks included MGid, ApPartner and MixAdvert, new modules are on the way.

Added a useful tool for the security of ordinary users. A kind of tech demo for hacks: two-factor authentication. Works on the basis of the TOTP protocol and doesn’t require any SMS. A code generation application on a smartphone or browser is enough. The most popular is Google Authenticator, you probably already work with it.

There are few pleasant little things this time, but check them out:

  • The user receives notifications about any actions with his wallets: adding, changing, deleting and moderation.
  • Users can be prevented from canceling previously made payouts. It is convenient if you prepare finances for payouts in advance and hate it when the user cancels the old payout and orders a new one with a different amount.
  • Duplicate leads can get an autologin link if the original one already has it. Judging by the tests, this saves about two-thirds of duplicates from login problems.
  • Traffic filters have learned how to glue the target domain with the domain in the advertising link. Now filtering in ads can show exactly your main domain, and not the one where the filter is set.
  • In a referral program, a manager can be automatically assigned as a registered user’s referrer. Useful for issuing bonuses to managers.
  • The delivery module for Nova Poshta has learned to better recognize settlements and regions. Problems with sending parcels have almost disappeared.
  • The bulk order editing utility has learned how to set the CRM status and change the time when an order enters the system.
  • CRM status can be generated automatically if it has not been specified on the advertiser’s CRM side. Useful for manual analytics of leads by advanced statuses.
  • Redirect sites have learned to work with encrypted click and flow identifiers.

Try new tools, create your own hacks, read my blog. And I’ll go get ready, because there is a little more than a week left until AlterCPA’s birthday… Stay tuned for the news!