Hacks from the AlterCPA team are updated automatically. You can implement an update service for your hacks and deliver fresh versions to all AlterCPA users in less than an hour.

Configuring updates

The automatic updates configuration is specified in the update.json file. It can be changed through the built-in editor in the "Update settings" section by clicking the "Files" button.

The following setting options are available:

  • Disable automatic updates (disable) - disables updating the hack. Useful if you've made changes to a hack and don't want them to be automatically erased.
  • Validation URL (base) - a link to a special JSON file with the update configuration, described below.
  • DB version (db) - database schema version number. When changing the data schema, it is recommended to increase by one.

Your update service

You can deploy an update repository on your server and distribute updates to your hacks in real time. Your server should have an update configuration file and ZIP archives with fresh versions of hacks.

The update configuration file is created in JSON format. It specifies an associative array, the keys of which will be the names of your hacks, and the values will be objects with data about the version of the files.

The version object must contain the following fields:

  • name - the name of your hack, matches the array key.
  • url - link to a ZIP archive with a hack.
  • time - last update time in UNIX Timestamp format.
  • date - last update time in YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS format.
  • db - database version number.
  • md5 - hash sum for checking updates, it is recommended to use the hash of the source files, not the finished archive.

Example file with update configuration:

    "proxy": {
        "url": "https://storage.server/hacks/proxy.zip",
        "name": "proxy",
        "time": 1668753381,
        "date": "2022-11-18 09:36:21",
        "db": 1001,
        "md5": "0f240c960700b925319e5264fa68162d"