Product networks on AlterCPA

What we consider as commodities affiliate networks?

Commodities affiliate are the networks through which the trade in merchandise is carried out. It requires packaging, dispatch, delivery and control of buyout.

Commodities affiliate networks can be called without exaggeration the classic CPA. Most often, traffic in such networks runs through a chain of two sites - prelanding, designed as news or reviews page, and landing, dedicated to a specific product. Such networks offer fixed payment for the lead, different depending on the country of the customer and rarely depending on the amount of the order itself. In multi-product stores payments usualy depend on percentage of paid order amount.

From the point of view of the supplier, the product networks need complete control of the lead from the moment of its receipt. The supplier's CRM is responsible for handling the leads by the call center, implementing the procedure for packing the goods and sending the order to the recipient, monitoring the delivery of goods and analyzing the paid and returned parcels. 

What platform version should you choose?

Product networks can be deployed on both the professional and free version of the platform.

AlterCPA Professional

The professional version of AlterCPA will allow to organize a product network both on the classical scheme with landings, and with third-party online shops. For the classical scheme of work in AlterCPA Pro there is a convenient built-in call center with the division of roles, the ability to organize teams for calling, packing, sending and monitoring the delivery of orders. Integration with delivery services and automatic tracking of parcels are supported. For suppliers, extended analytical reports on calls, orders and delivery of parcels are provided. The opportunity to create a single call center for all suppliers is realized. Calculation of payments for the lead and work of the call center can be made on the basis of confirmed sales, upsales, cross-sales and percentage of the order price.

What tools can you use?

Working with product networks will require the use of all the tools available in the system for receiving and processing traffic.

Incoming leads can be taken in three schemes:

  1. The classical scheme involves the use of landings and prelandings located on your servers and directly linked to the system. This scheme allows you to analyze all incoming traffic, evaluate the time the user is on the site and the cutoff percentage.
  2. Exterlan scheme allows you to work with third-party web shops without transfering them to your server. It requires suppier's site to save one numeric parameter - the click ID, and send post-back requests with it in case of actions of the customer. This scheme is descriped in our manual "Working with non-product offers".
  3. API allow you to receive leads directly from third-party affiliate networks, without having your own webmasters. You can read about in in our manual "Reveiving traffic from extarnal networks".

Processing of leads in the system is carried out by two methods: using the built-in mini-CRM interface (call center, packaging, sending, delivery monitoring, analytics) or transfering leads to third-party CRMs. If you don't work with the suppliers durectly, read the option to create a traffic aggregator.