Deployment of site storage

Site storage is used for landing, prelanding and TDS. All sites are located in a single repository attached to the technical domain of your network.

For landing pages to work requires PHP version 5.6 and above. No database required. The installation process is as follows:

  1. Unzip all files from the shop folder to the root of the domain.
  2. In the config.php file specify the required settings.
  3. Add the cron.php file in the cron scheduler each 5 minutes.
  4. Place the sites pages in sub-folders.

Your config.php file may contain the following settings:

  • BASEURL - the address of the system control panel with http:// as initial part and / in the end
  • DONEURL - The URL to which the user will be redirected if the order is successful. You can use %id to specify the ID of the created order. Can be specified separately on each landing page.
  • THANKSPAGE - the name of the file that will be downloaded instead of the standard Thank you page on the landing pages. Can be specified separately on each landing page
  • CC - the name of the file that was once cc.php, on the main server
  • METRIKA - ID of the Main Yandex counter.The metric, which is placed on all the landing pages
  • VK - ID of the VK pixel, which is placed on all landing pages
  • FB - Facebook pixel ID, which is put on all landing pages
  • GA - ID code Google Tag Manager, which is put on all landing pages
  • APIKEY - global site API-key
  • CONTROL - control panel key
  • BASEDIR - full path to the site
  • ext() function - processor logic of the Agency.

This file must also contain ClickServer settings. We recommend using ClickServer instead of just sending clicks to a cc.php. file. It will significantly increase productivity and makes working with large volumes of traffic with the same capacity of the server.

Site storage control.php file it is recommended to rename to a random 32-character name for better security.

In the "Sites" section of the system settings, specify the following data in all settings blocks (redirect, landing pages, prelendings):

  1. The domain used for the site with landing pages, for example
  2. Dedicated IP address of the landing page for domain parking support.
  3. The full URL to the control.php file like
  4. Site control key from CONTROL constant

Domain parking

If you plan to use domain parking for landing pages, you need to set the domain as the default site on the primary IP address. If you used our configuration script, no additional settings are required. If you are using Apache, make sure the site uses the very first VirtualHost block. If you use nginx, make sure that the default_server keyword is present in the site’s listen configuration.