AlterCPA for financial business

What is financial business?

Online exchanges, betting, casinos, gambling, options and any other services that are so annoying to you when watching pirate movies

These are any online services that somehow operate with the money of their visitors. In this case, the Commission for the transaction as a percentage of its amount is transferred to the publishers. Another kind of payment - for user registration or performing any action on the site.

Which platform version to choose?

The professional version AlterCPA only

AlterCPA Professional

The professional version of Altera supports integration with any third-party resources that are able to keep the visit ID on their side and notify about the occurrence of events using postback requests. At the same time for the publisher formed a familiar picture of statistics on dates, hours, offers, flows, labels and sites.

What tools can I use?

Will require an individual approach.

The main instrument of such a connection offer will be integrated. To implement it, the suplier site must perform two simple functions:

  1. To remember a user for a single numeric ID - number of clicks.
  2. When an event occurs (conversion, registration, Deposit, cancellation) send a notification with a click number and event data to your affiliate network.

If you plan to resell offers from existing networks, these tools will be present almost guaranteed. If you have to work directly with the partner site, be sure to coordinate this information with the partner. To perform these actions, you may need to finalize the partner site, which will take time. Specialists on the partner's side are engaged in this revision.

Approximate scheme of work

Actions on partner sites can be of two types - expected and guaranteed.

  1. We will consider as expected such actions which are created in the "Waiting" stage and can pass from it to the "Confirmation" or "Cancellation"stage. For these actions, you need to have three notifications: one notification of the creation of a lead by the click number and two notifications of the change in the status of the lead by the click number (or the lead number on the partner side) in confirmation or cancellation. 
  2. We will consider as guaranteed actions from which the notification arrives only once-at the time of their implementation. For this kind of action is implemented by one notification on the creation of Lida at the number of clicks immediately in the confirmed state.

For each notification, it may be useful to specify:

  1. Order ID or action on the partner side to prevent repeated triggers on the same order if the same notifications were sent twice.
  2. The amount of the financial operation performed to realize the interest payment depending on the Deposit amount.
  3. Contact details of the visitor, for the convenience of finding the right orders, their breakdown by country.

We strongly recommend you to consult with our specialists in case of any difficulties - we will get acquainted with your partners and choose the optimal scheme of integration with them.