Verticals overview: dating

Verticals overview: dating

In previous articles, we figured out how to open an affiliate program using gambling, crypto and nutra. Let’s talk about dating today. Why is it possible to fall into the creation of a dating affiliate network only with great experience? This vertical is very controversial. On the one hand, there is very cheap traffic and low fees. On the other hand, there are a lot of offers and a lot of money with the right work. But my position is simple: if you don’t have specific experience in dating, it’s better to open an affiliate program in another vertical. The same gambling or nutra for relative beginners is just that.

Main headache: offers

It would seem that searching for and connecting offers in dating is the simplest possible. As in gambling. Algorithm:

  1. Join any competitor’s affiliate network.
  2. Follow the link of the offer to the site.
  3. Find an advertiser’s contact.
  4. Write and negotiate.

Repeat the algorithm until the desired number of offers is reached. You can write to affiliate support under the guise of the publisher and ask for the best offers of today. Whatever they recommend, we connect. This will make life much easier.

However, problems will begin at the stage of technical connection of advertisers:

  • Most of them are very slow. They don’t even understand what is required of them. We had a case when a postback was setup for half a year. They didn’t set it up at all.
  • Small caps. The standard story, when 100 registrations per day are allocated to GEO, each of which costs a couple of cents.
  • There are too many of them. There are advertisers who work not only with one GEO, but only with one region of the country.

As a result, there is an urgent need to generate smartlinks. These smartlinks send users to the desired offer according to a given algorithm. Taken into account:

  • Rate;
  • Caps;
  • Traffic source;
  • GEO;
  • Time;
  • Other small options.

Already at the stage of creating offers, the affiliate network faces incredible losses in time and resources in the advertiser’s connection and the smart links creation. Of course, with the right software, such as AlterCPA Pro, you can make your life easier. Good built-in analytics and really smart smartlinks allow you to really squeeze a good profit out of traffic. But nevertheless, the competent formation of a pool of offers will eat up all the nerves even before the launch of the affiliate network.

Reconciliations and payments in dating also occur in an extremely strange way. They can cut for anything and in any way. Prove, understand, defend? In gambling, sometimes this is possible, in dating – no. If the advertiser says it’s fraud, then it’s fraud. Therefore, it is strictly necessary to always provide the advertiser with information about the source of traffic – the publisher on the side of your network, so that the advertiser can kill just one publisher, and not your entire network.

Searching for publishers

I already told you how to search for publishers – you can read it here. Dating affiliates are attracted in the same way as for any other vertical.

However, it should be borne in mind that these are the guys who work with the cheapest traffic sources, including all unloved doorways.

A logical problem follows from this: an obscenely increased percentage of junk traffic, and requests for full payouts seem to be filled in from Google with a pay per click of a few cents. I don’t really envy the support of the dating partner.


The dating affiliate program has relatively low competition. Due to this factor, by creating a competent affiliate program in the vertical, you can earn very good money. However, the very process of creating and launching such an affiliate network is a wild headache:

  • Collect a huge pool of offers.
  • Go through the seven circles of hell, connecting hundreds and thousands of advertisers slowing down on each bump.
  • Generate smartlinks with high-quality algorithms.
  • Find publishers with adequate traffic.
  • Fend off requests from publishers to pay them traffic that the ad has marked as spam. This happens in any vertical, but especially in dating.