DreamTeam: whom to hire to make the network work beautifully

DreamTeam: whom to hire to make the network work beautifully

We have already discussed how many people are needed to open an affiliate network at the minimum wage. This option is suitable for those who want to quickly and cheaply test a hypothesis and develop the enterprise in case of initial success. What if we want to get down to business right away? Have you attracted a lot of investments and are doing an adult affiliate program? Or another situation. We created an affiliate program at the minimum wage, everything went up and it’s time to grow. Who to hire?

Accountant aka fin

The affiliate needs to use CRM so that the numbers of income and expenses are correctly calculated and in a couple of clicks you can understand how profitable the zoo is. By the way, AlterCPA Pro already has automatic accounting.

But someone has to enter the numbers in CRM. And do it on time. If you make expenses-income carelessly, then, purely because of a lack of understanding of the situation, you can fly into such a cash gap … And someone else has to pay salaries on time, buy VPNs and other small stray.

If there are still not very many transactions over the network, we take part-time finance.


Again, we at AlterCPA can take care of all the technical tasks. If you do not work with us, you need an integrator. He starts offers, generates all sorts of tracking links and other evil spirits. Well, he makes sure that nothing falls off in the affiliate network and the tower does not collapse.


This is a sociable and minimally tech-savvy character. He helps the affs with their problems, advises on offers, puts out burning farts and creates close friendships. Support is the face of the affiliate network. If he sends three funny letters to an affiliate, the reputation of the whole company will suffer.

There must be at least two such employees. If the poor fellow works solo, then either he will not have days off, or there will be days when the webs are left without help.


Do you need affs? We need to attract them somehow. This requires a marketer who will promote your network. The first one you get from Craigslist won’t work. It is necessary that a person understands the arbitrage market. When promoting an affiliate network, specific methods work. Optionally, a designer and / or copywriter will be needed here.

Affiliate manager

Also a very important person in the team. He works on two fronts at once. First, aff contacts with advertisements. Looks for them, connects, bargains for the best conditions. Secondly, he is in touch with the affs. While the support solves problems, then the affiliate manager helps to grow. He is aware of how it is better to drive traffic to now, how to improve the conversion, how to make the creative brighter and can open a potential error in the bundle.

And this valuable employee also takes on the work of an analyst: he studies the data in order to understand which offers are best to drive, what kind of traffic a particular aff has and what to offer him. Also looking for froders!

Analyst and fraud hunter

If resources allow and the affiliate manager is slacking off, you can hire an analyst to help him. Then he will study the data. And catch froders too. How to catch froders? We’ll definitely tell you. Only brains, only hardcore.


This is a general recruitment required in an affiliate network that is already growing or starting with a large financial cushion. Of course, according to the structure of the affiliate program, you can be creative, play with the functionality of employees, and the final composition of the dream team may differ. We’ve discussed the standard here.