How many people do you need to start at minimum wage?

How many people do you need to start at minimum wage?

The answer is simple. We need one person. Well, at least two. And a cat. Life is no good without a cat. Double the cat sounds not bad. This post could have ended. But I feel like I need to explain a little.

Do you know the Leadbit affiliate network? At the dawn of its development, the team had exactly one person – the founder. Many affiliate networks are started by one person, this is a common thing.

When there are no tens of kilodollars of investments that you don’t mind burning, you need to save on everything.

  • Find and connect adverts? You can do it yourself.
  • Communicate and support the aff? Do it yourself.
  • Make the engine? You can buy AlterCPA for a penny.
  • Adjust debit with credit? Just enter the numbers in AlterCPA CRM on time.
  • Marketing? You can do it yourself. How? I’ll tell you soon. Not from my own experience, of course, I’ll ask smart people.

If you are not a mommy’s programmer and the task of “integrating an offer” sounds like a cry from hell, you need to hire a techie. Or freelancing. Or order technical support from us.

But that’s all. When the turnover starts to grow, you can start hiring people in the state. Nevertheless, affiliate networks that have ceased to be newbies have a large staff of a couple of dozen people.

But that will be later. Our goal is to get up and running quickly. Cheap to start. Reduce risks to a minimum. And don’t go broke.